Hi Sue,

First, your weaving looks beautiful.  It appears to be very evenly woven, albeit not sufficiently tight to have it be square.

You might consider using a finer tabbly weft.  I do not use a table loom, but I do understand that most floor looms provide much higher tension and allow you to beat the weft in more strongly.  Are you considering upgrading?  For me, being able to use my feet and my hands feels really good - you can get into a real rhythm.  



Thanks for the encouragement!  However, that is the tightest I can weave on my loom.  I think if I use a heavier pattern yarn, that may help.  I think I will just have to consider carefully the shape of the patterns I choose, because some just do not come out exactly the way thehe should.  


A thicker pattern weft will elongate it more, it is the sett that is too close. :)

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