One week and counting

until the start of Halloweave. I am getting my looms prepped (I only have 2 big looms!) and am thinking it might be time to get the srpang I started two years ago off the sprang frame! I hope everyone is getting their game plans together so we will have some great projects to post by the end of October. Remember to sharre your progress with the group, and when you get a project completed get it posted on a project page and tag it for Halloweave 2014 so you can be in the running for some awesome prizes! I am looking forward to hearing and seeing everyone's progress throughout the month. Weave on all!



I will be weaving the final scarf of the scarf marathon, and wet finishing a lot more. Will also weave some placemats. Gifts out of the way, I plan to warp the loom and play! Sample a bunch of different weaves, try out some ideas, work through some book exercises. 


Last year I won a handtowle weaving kit. I was desparate to get it warped up for this october but now I need some help. The tension was lost when a part came away from the rest of the loom.

It looks a nightmare to sort. I'm thinking I will just tension what I can and start weaving and see what happens. There is over a mile of warp to sort.

(I tried to get onto the site earlier - like 2 months ago. First it wouldn't let me on. Then it said I was logged in but I couldn't add anything to any topics).


I  started this project from Vävmagasinet in januar. I used linen for warp and the loom was a new to me loom.  Everything went wrong, I had big tension problem, the tie-up was wrong and the revised tie-up was wrong as well. I decided to make another warp using 16/2 cotton and use my favorite loom.

I have planned 8 placemats and have done 4 for now and I'm boring. It's slow weaving whit 2 shuttles and 24 picks per cm (60ppi). During the last 2 month I have tried to push myself to the loom with very little succes. I need some kind "kick in my ass" from all of you, so I can finish this project and move over to something more interesting.


For Endorph-

How do we tag it for Halloweave? hashtag? I haven't posted to projects before... I will go read the FAQ again, but any explanation would be appreciated, thanks!


when you make your project page there is a drop down menu for tagging the project for a specific reason such as Halloweave 2014 - I will double check to make sure that has been set up and if not, see if I can get admin to set it up for us.


Okay - so I went to my projects and clicked on add a project and as you move through the form there is a tab called Activites and Contests that has a drop down menu and Halloweave 2014 is there, and then there is a tab called Halloweave groups and you can tag it for the Active Arachnids as well.

Activities and Contests (Groups): 

Associate your Group with an Activity or Contest (Required)HalloWeave Teams: We can help you the first time you post a project - And if you let us know on this thread that you have posted a project we can track it down without the tags!

My goal for this October is to get back to weaving tapestry (after a 13-year hiatus).  This time, I'm going to try a linen warp (8/3) and Swedish singles (Mattgarn).

-- Constance


Eek. Need to make my lists. October 1 is going to start very early, as I have a conference to attend out of town. Wondering if I should take kntting or sock loom or maybe tiny tapestry...


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