Nineteenth Century Coverlet Fringes: Plain & Fancy

I've posted photos from Gay's presentation to this project.  This project is posted to give weavers an idea of Gay McGeary's presentation on Nineteen Century fringe and her methodology in how the fringe was constructed.  This was presented at the 20th Annual Weaving History Conference at the Thousand Islands Arts Center, Home of the Handweaving Museum.  Her coverlets were lovely and her documentation gives one another way to consider constructing fringe. To see more about her work go here.  Enjoy  Deb Mc

ps, I tried to post photos to this message but the browser window never worked, is a wonderful thing when it works.




When you attend this conference, you get to see stellar samples from prime collectors, and it is always a bonus if the collector is a weaver, too. However, there are usually lots of amazing weavers at your elbow when the collections come out, so if you want to inquire about specific techniques, it is easy to just ask!


Group Audience