The newly revised, currently out of print book "The Magic of Linen" by Linda Heinrich is about to be released!Please visit my blog for further details and information on the changes in the revision.You can help spread the news about this soon to be released revision by simply telling other weavers that its coming out in April, or send the link to this post to your newletter editors to share with others. Use this link here: 


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It's only availabe from third party sellers on and they drive the price up for new copies to $300. So I think checking with yarn suppliers before clicking on Amazon shopping cart can end up saving you lots of money. I think the US has the down to earth price if your in the US. I ordered a copy from Vavstuga in MA. They are usually quick to ship.


I have also found some information out there from the Saskatchewan dept of Agriculture. They and most others in NA grow the seed oil varieties, not so much the fibre kind. But they do have some information on cultivation and pests. One interesting tidbit was that they are trying through research in North America to make fibre flax that can be made into yarn that will not wrinkle as much when made into textiles.


Waiting for my book. :)

Sara von Tresckow

What are we talking about? Heinrich's "Magic of Linen" revised edition is in print and available from the publisher, Shiffer Publishing as well as most fiber shops at the cover price of $49.95.

There is no major difference between the editions that would make seeking the first one relevant.


Seeking only the newest here. But, that's good to know Sara about the prices at yarn shops, which is what I was getting at. It's the same price I bought it at Vavstuga. But at it's $300. it's $49.95, which is no advantage to me as shipping to Canada jumps the price comparably to any yarn store. 25 years ago we used to have very low shipping rates on books, that was done away with here in Canada. It pretty much doubled the price of college books.

Susan Harvey (not verified)

Linda's original publishing went OOP and there were manyrequests over many years to do another printing. Linda wanted to correct some mistakes and to also update the information provided. She also updated pictures and such.   So, no, its not a major change but it did provide new weavers with an opportunity to get and read her extensive work (which was in fact her master weaver thesis).

Much more details on the reprint can be found here:

Susan Harvey (not verified)

Please see my reply to Sara and also check this link for further information on the reprinted version of the book:


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