I have the Munsell Student set that I bought years ago after taking the Master Dyeing class at Convergence in 2000--the one that Karren mentioned, except that i was doing natural dyes. I know that I need lots of practice with this set, but have not used it because there is no answer key. I don't want to glue anything down w/o checking for accuracy. Where can one obtain the key?


Karren K. Brito

There is no answer key.  The point is not to get it right--- if that were the point they would sell it completed  and they do sell such things.  The point is to educate your eye and learn to trust it.

My suggestion is to work in natural light, beside a window for example. Arrange the chips to the best of your ability.  Cover with a towel or book to keep them from moving and come back the next day and look again , slight different light, fresh eyes.  If they still look good, glue.  You can use a re-positional glue :).  You will have trained your eyes to see nuances of color, which is the point of the exercise.  Even if they are in the wrong place, you will see more than before.

Sherri (not verified)

Thanks for the good ideas. I know that when I used them in the class, I did get some wrong, but coming back the next day will be good practice for me.

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