Mohair warps

when I first started weaving I was told not to use mohair in my warp.  I didn't really understand why until a few years later I was weaving a queen size blanket for a friend using her yarn stash as warp.  It included several beautiful colors of fuzzy mohair yarns.  About a foot into the project my shed would no longer open, the mohair threads were wrapping around adjacent threads and raising havoc with my project.  I went online and searched for solutions to my dilemma.  Nothing worked.  Then I tried some mane detangler I use on my horses manes called COWBOY MAGIC.  It will get anything out of a horses mane.  Well let me tell you it was a miracle.  I rubbed some on my hands and then ran my fingers thru the warp threads in front of the reed and behind the heddles.  I stepped on my treadles and the harness raised  with no problem.  It is a silicone based product that easily washes out when fulling.  I thought I was going to have to cut the blanket off the loom and reimburse her for the yarn I had ruined, but thanks to the COWBOY MAGIC my problem was solved.  I have since used this on wool projects when I encounter sticky threads.

Maybe this will help you someday!

I have been weaving about 12 years, mostly with my handspun yarns.  I have about 12 looms with a project on about 6 at any one time.  Mostly self taught but I don't do a lot of complex weaving.  I let the beauty of the handspun yarns enhance a basic weave.  I sell at art fairs and wool festivals.  Buy and sell used looms.

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