March 2019 and the view from my studio

Hi all. In october 2018 I completed the construction of my new house and studio, we were 4 months. The studio I think of as "The Crows Nest", well unofficially anyway. :D With an awesome view. My ceilings are 9' up to 14'. Here old Bertha sits, my home built loom.  I have added three 7' tall cupboards for yarn since this photo and rearranged some tables for sewing and serging.

I did weave a few items before and after Christmas, they are posted. Erica and Oli are piecing things back together and now we can finally post images and do our project and draft pages again. A ton of work I guess reconnecting things. But it's time to move foreward and hopefully folks will find their way back.

Come on in and let us know what your working on at the loom. :)


Here is a video of me weaving warp pile.

Another of me pulling yarn of a spool, and no twist.

Have a good one. ;)