Lurker no more

I'm been just watching for a while, I guess it's time to jump in... My dare is to sew a child's apron for my granddaughter, making a pattern from an apron my grandmother made when I was a child. The cloth is on my rigid heddle, with cottolin and some other cotton threads I've had in my stash. Just about ready to remove from the loom and wet finish. I'll post pics soon. I also plan to make a tote bag for a dear friend from an assortment of colorful yarn, also a rigid heddle project. We'll see if I have the nerve to cut!



Glad you have joined the fray. How brave you are to cut into the fabric. I am looking forward to seeeing the photos in the project section. I also love weaving on my rigid heddle loom. Claudia, co-founder of Weavolution

I love that you are using an old apron pattern that your grandmother made for you. Cottolin is one of my favorite yarns and I'm sure you will have great success with your apron. Keep us posted on your progress and post pictures! Good luck!