I wonder if anyone has upgraded and has a working older model of compudobby for 16 shafts.  Mine is dead, and I can't afford a new one. Thanks.



If it isn't a board problem with a CD I, you may be able to get it fixed.  Talk to AVL, it they're up and running now.  You can also use a mechanical dobby, which is cheaper, on it.  Most people don't "upgrade", they replace the dead one.  They all work pretty much the same, so "upgrading" is not usefull.


Thanks. I  can't get it fixed. Nobody is even willing to look at it. (I am in Canada). New fuse burned right away, so I guess board is shorted. Mechanical dobby is missing parts that can be replaced, but also need more bars and pins. I bought a lemon :(


The loom that I bought was made in the 80's, and the previous owners had used the CD until their Mac died.  The new Mac  would not work with the CD, so they used the manual dobby.  When I bought it, I knew that the CD might not work, might work for a while, might be great.  It lasted about a year, which was long enough for me to become completely hooked on electronic loom control.  Notice I didn't say " Talk to a local computer repair", I said  "Talk to AVL".  AVL sells and supports looms all over the world.  You are asuming the board is shorted;  before acting on this, I would find out if this is what actually is happening.  AVL was very supportive of my older loom.  I did eventually get a new CD.  I wish I had saved the old one as a backup, 12 shaft loom (several shafts were not functioning).

Depending on where you are in Canada, you may be closer to AVL (northern CA) than I am in Michigan. This will make a difference if you ship it to them for repair.  These are great looms, and I would not call yours a lemon because you are having dobby problems.

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