Sounds like everyone has managed to get their project started and that's great.  

I must be honest and report that I was unable to even warp my loom because of the other commitments and medical appointments that ate up too many days this month.  I have learned so much from all the projects and comments posted here and the learning doesn't have to stop here.  

My progress is this:  I have the yarn and calculated the warp (love the weavolution warp calculator HERE).  Next, I will finish the scarf on my 8 shaft Julia loom and get warped up.  My goal to is finish a double weave scarf/shawl before the end of the year.  All my holiday weaving is almost done so this should be a realistic goal.  I will continue to post further progress in this group.  No reason to end it because the Halloweave contest is over.

I am looking forward to hearing progress reports from others.  Please share.




my double weave sampler wall hanging. I think it took me longer to weave in loose ends and twist the fringe than it did to weave it in the first place. I am pretty pleased with the results.Still need to figure out a better hanging system but other than that. It really makes me want to explore more doubel weave possibilities on the rigid heddle. I posted new photos on the project page last night. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and comments.


Claudia Segal (not verified)

Tina, Congrats, your project looks great! How nice to have it hanging on your wall for all to see your excellennt work. Well done. Claudia


I am still weaving on this project.  Just posted the photo I took when I started.  I had no idea that it was going to be so slow.  Whenever I am throwing a pick on the bottom layer, I have to be really careful to avoid floats (and I dont know if I have been 100% successful) because that last shaft does not stay down.  I wish I had my countermarche loom working because that would be a better choice - no floating shafts.


I finished my runner today.  Almost - I know my calculations were correct for yardage needed, but I ran out of my dark color - I planned on a 72" runner, managed a little more than 50".  I cant bring myself to waste the rest of the warp after threading 494 ends, so I will be weaving another runner (or something if it is too short to be a runner) with whatever yarn I can find here that will work with both colors in my warp.  It means having to wait to see the bottom layer - I really do want to see how I did.

I probably should have chosen a simpler project for my first doubleweave, but I never do things the easy way.  I am so glad that I participated in the Halloweave challenge.  If I hadnt, I dont know when I would have given this a try. 

ChrisWeaveMaine (not verified)

I'm excited that I finished the pickup stick placemats today!  The wild warp friendship scarves have been done for a couple weeks, and with the help of Weavolution friends, I've made leaps and bounds in my following a draft project -- I'm at 36" so about halfway, but I've fulfilled my dare to myself, as I'm really comfortable following a draft now.  I was really pushing myself to finish -- making myself stressed even -- when I read a post about "enjoying the moment while weaving." Instead of worrying I might fail to complete my challenge, I realized I have already achieved success by facing my fears and overcoming them.  Happy Halloweave everyone!


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