Hi there,

I'm Lynn Blake of Mayhem Farm in Virginia. I'm a relatively new weaver (a bit over a year on a rigid heddle loom and about 6 mo on a small floor loom). I just took a Saori weaviing class and am having a blast. I don't follow rules well, so all I have done is plain weave, as reading drafts, and following directions are not my strong suite Kiss. The class, with Connie Diamant (in Virginia) was super, a fun energetic instructor and great classmates! Now I just have to beef up my stash enough to have LOTS of variety!  You can see my stuff at www.mayhemfarm.com (and yes, my life is mayhem, always has been, we raise alpacas, horses, cattle, and have all the pre-requisite dogs and cats!) I only have one saori piece up there at the moment - but more to come!

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