I am very new to weaving (began last year) and have a 15" Schacht Rigid Heddle Loom. I am learning to weave 'on my own' via the internet, books, and plain 'ol experimentation! Right now I am making items with worsted wt. cotton because it is readily available and inexpensive to work with while I'm learning. I love the look of 'overshot' patterns so I am hoping to graduate to a Schacht Wolf Pup in the future when I save enough $. I like Schacht looms because they are sturdy, nicely finished, and made here in the USA!



Mary C (not verified)

Hi Cherieann,

I hope to get a Schacht Baby Wolf someday so I can try a loom with  more harnesses.  Also learning on my own but when I move to Oberlin this summer I hope to find a guild there or least someone to exchange thoughts with in person.

I've seen a couple of your projects and think you are doing a really good job!


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