Hello from Lorain County - west of Cleveland!

I am a long-time quilter and new to spinning, knitting and weaving.

Have a Louet S10 spinning wheel and looking to purchase another.

Bought a Schact baby wolf about a year ago and still learning how to use it.  Waiting on delivery of a Herald 4 shaft loom that I purchased last week from a nice lady in Youngstown.  Also bought her table loom by Mountain Loom - she calls it a sampler loom.

I belong to the Lorain County Spinners & Weavers group.

My picture is of my granddaughter in the princess dress I made her last fall.


ea_mather (not verified)

Hi.  I am in Columbus & have been weaving for about 2 years.  I bought a LeClerc Medico table loom about a year ago and have been happily weaving away.  I have also started to learn to make bobbin lace.

Currently on the loom: throw blanket for my niece for her birthday in August - half done.

Next project planned: collapse weave scarf from Sept/Oct 2004 issue of Handwoven

Project for Christmas presents: lace weave linen handkerchiefs with bobbin lace edging - if I can pull it off!

I have been trying to keep up with a project journal on my website, but I am a little behind.  If you would like to read about some of my past projects visit: www.elizabethmather.net.

I haven't joined the Central Ohio Weavers Guild yet... so it is great to have an online community of weavers to chat with.


Mary C. Stock (not verified)

Hi Svjanis and Liz:

I am in Stark county and have been knitting and weaving for quite some time.

I just finished a name draft warp -mug rug size for in Christmas Cards and am back to the double weave pick up I start quite some time ago. {Not going the way I wanted}  have adjusted my size of graph paper and it is looking better. 

I really like traditional weaves and fine threads and have done quite a few Shaker patterns.

My  daughter has a wall hanging on my Baby wolf now but am going to put on some towels for Christmas as soon as she is done.

Liz I have done a little Bobbin lace and love it--had a friend that wove fabric--for a blouse- took it off the loom and did a bobbin lace yoke --rethreaded it  and wove the back. I have not tried it!!

Happy weaving to both of you!!


Terry (not verified)

Hello all! I am still trying to figure out this site. Lol..I get alittle confused with these posts and what to do. But I'll get it.

lindaspins (not verified)

Hi all,

I'm in NE Ohio, Geauga county, south of Burton. I belong to Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers Guild. I'm sure I've bumped in to some of you on Yahoo groups and Ravelry!

I have family in Wellington and Columbus, work in Cleveland, and I spent 20 years in Cincinnati before finally returning to my home end of the state. I'm familiar with little bits of Ohio from all along the 3-C highway.

On the loom right now....a huck sachet project that's been resting for a couple weeks but is very close to being done. I think I'm avoiding it because I don't have anything ready to put on next! I'm also currently working on getting my Union #36 warped for the first time, and contemplating re-winding the warp for a baby blanket project that's a year overdue. The first warp chain was left out in the garage over the winter (that's where the loom was living at the time) and turned into a mass of chewed-up mouse bedding (note to self...mouse-proof warps).

I'm glad this group was started and I'll keep an eye on it!










Mary C. Stock (not verified)

Good Morning Linda!!  I am down in Stark County between Canton and East Canton.  I no longer go to the guild meetings as they are at night and I just find it too hard to drive at night, 

Right now my daughter is weaving on my Baby wolf but I have been doing some doubleweave pick-up on a Le Clere table loom [Dorothy} . I really like traditional patterns and fine threads. I graphed a cat to weave and it got longer and longer--strangest cat!!  So have regraphed and am doing it again.

Hope this group grows as I miss having other weavers to talk patterns and weaves.


rlmarchand623 (not verified)

HI,  I'm from Youngstown.  I'm a new weaver.  I just bought a used Louet Spring and am taking a workshop in Peninsula to learn how to use it.  I'm looking forward to being able to chat with all of you.


Mary C. Stock (not verified)

Hi Shelly!!  I have a small Rigid Heddle Loom by Louet, about 20 years old but works great .  They make a good product.

Hope you are enjoying your class!!  There are so many great things to do with weaving!

I am warping a small table loom for 2 bright red scarfs with a fine acrylic thread for a friend to weave. I just finished some little mug rugs to put in Christmas card and want to make some little bags next .

What are you weaving??



rlmarchand (not verified)

HI, Mary,

I'm currently working on a sampler inclass.  I'm planning on making dish towels next.  Where in Youngstown do they hve weaving yarn.  I know I can order it, but I was hoping to be able to find a place to purchase yarn.


Mary C. Stock (not verified)

Hi Shelly!  Sorry to say I don't know of a weaving shop colse to you; but, for towels unmercerized thread is really absorbant and usually cheaper.  There are so many threads out there in cotton now --check the cones for the knitting machines--you may luck out and find a cotton there. Pull up Webs --they have some good buys.

I did some towels with cotton chenile; it was a little pricy but they are yummy especially after they have been washed the first time.

Have fun!!



tattude75 (not verified)

I am a new spinner and an even newer weaver living in Wellington, Lorain County. I play in the SCA and got pulled into the world of fiber at an event. I have a Mach II wheel and an Orco 70 2-harness counterbalance rug loom (that I am planning to convert into a 4-harness). Right now I am spinning a Jacobs ram fleece in the grease and plan to weave something with it. (I'm open to suggestions).

Happy weaving.


Terry (not verified)

Hello all. I have been busy with a tack sal & Flea Market I'm running at my saddle club grounds. I will start a thread for the sale. If anyone wants a space let me know. It's august 15th, 2009  9-5. Details on new thread.

You can email me at [email protected]


svjanis (not verified)

Hi Erin-

Have you heard about LOCO (Lorain County Spinners and Weavers)?

We meet the second Tues of the month at 7:30pm.

Carlisle Visitor Center

12882 Diagonal Road,
LaGrange, Ohio 44050
(440) 458-5121

I joined about a year ago - I'm also new to spinning and weaving.


loomings (not verified)

Hi everyone

Just getting used to this site as well.  Just found you and look forward to meeting more Weavers here in Ohio. 

My Husband and I just built a new house in Fowler, Ohio in Trumbull County.  That is near Warren.  I am orginally from the Ashtabula and Geauga County areas.  Spent most my time In Windsor (old family settlement) and graduated from Burton (Berkshire HS).  Hubby put in a room upstairs just for my Studio and have gotten my AVL Dobby loom put together.  Looking forward to getting a warp put on for the first time in the new house. 

Great to hear from other weavers in this neck of Ohio.

Linda L. (loomings)

Mary C (not verified)

Hi all,

I'm planning a move to Oberlin, Ohio from NW Pennsylvania.  When I get there I'll be looking into weaving in the area.  Right now I have a Union 36 rug loom but have made many different things on it besides rugs.  Hope I don't have to give it up in my new home but if I do it won't stop me from finding something else to fit and weave on!

I have been into fiber arts most of my life without knowing it was called that (ie. knitting, crocheting, macrame, bead looms).

Now that I have the time I think weaving is my new obsession and it's interesting how you can incorporate all of the other skills to make/fix everything you work with. 

Looking forward to meeting up with some weavers in person:)

Mary C

Mary C (not verified)

PS.  Should this be a "Group" instead of a forum post?  It may be easier to get to that way?  I just happened to bump into it.

Mary C

lindaspins (not verified)

Hi Mary,

Sorry I didn't see your note sooner!  Welcome to the area! I grew up in Wellington which is just a few miles from Oberlin.

See the listing posted above for meeting info for LOCO--that would be your local guild. I've never had an opportunity to meet with them but know a few members and they seem like a great group!

Mary C (not verified)

Wish I were moved already and could just continue weaving BUT my move is upcoming this spring. 

Unfortunately I have a Union 36 that may be too large for my new dwelling.  Will bring it with me in the hopes of it fitting somewhere or I'll be looking for something smaller with a few more shafts.  Maybe even a small tapestry loom.

Thanks for the LOCO alert.  It will be on my things to do list towards the top!

Mary C


Welcome to our neighborhood, Linda. I am a weaver living in Farmdale and I belong to the Cuyahoga Weavers Guild which meets on the east side of Cleveland. I prefer weaving linens such as towels and placemats, scarves, and shawls. I hope you are enjoying your new studio. Kathy

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