handpainting a rayon chenille warp?

Hi all,

I'm currently warping up a mixed warp, rayon chenille and feltable wool in stripes, with the intent of doing a differential-shrinkage collapse weave.  I want to handpaint the rayon chenille warp.  The handpainting I can do, but any suggestions about rinsing it out afterwards?  I don't want to abuse the chenille but fiber-reactive dyes bleed a lot, even though I'm using Cibacron F (which bleeds less than Procion MX), and I'm not sure how to get the dyes out without tangling or weakening the chenille.





HI Tien......Are you dyeing the warp on the loom or in a warp chain?   If you are simply dyeing a warp chain that you will put on the loom later, rinse as usual for the dye you are using. A warp chain could be painted, then batched and rinsed with the final hot wash in a laundry bag, then laid flat to dry.  When dry it can be put on the loom.  The rayon chenille will crinkle up while you are dyeing it, but should relax when you put it on the loom.  DO NOT hang rayon chenille to dry.....that will greatly weaken the fiber and may not cause immediate problems but will cause the yarn to break or worm later in the process.   Dyeing the yarn should not weaken or tangle it if the yarn is controlled in a skein or as a warp chain.  The thing to avoid with rayon chenille is pulling or haning it while wet.  Scoop under the skein or chain to handle it when wet.  Rayon is extremely weak when wet, but proper handling allows you to dye it and use it in your warp without concern.

Su :-)




Hi Su,

Thanks for the info!  I dyed it as a warp chain, and can't wait to see the results!  The chains are beautiful, I'm really looking forward to seeing it on the loom.

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