In the Weave! course, I encouraged you to branch out and play with the warps that we provided for you. Now that you are working independently, I understand you will want/need some patterns/recipes to follow. When I first started, I subscribed to Handwoven magazine and often times wove out projects from the magazine to learn weaving while still making beautiful things. I still think Handwoven is a good resource, but as it is published in the US, those of us in the UK will find it difficult to find the exact yarns recommended, etc. 

Weavolution provides the same resource for free! Click on the projects link in the menu bar, or here, for thousands of ready made projects you can weave right now! As this is a global community, you will still need to find suitable substitues for some yarns. Please feel free to ask if you need help deciding on a readily availalbe yarn here, or to help work out the sett for a yarn you already have in your stash!

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