I'm just beginning a loom restoration (home built 1960's 4 shaft jack loom) and while this could really be a modification I'll slip it in before starting my real tool which will be lease stick holders for my Macomber.  The restoration is mostly cleaning off the gunk from 30+ years of attic storage. On the front top bar of the castle there was evidence of Scotch tape used to hold some weaving guidance. 

Scotch tape damage

On my Mac I fold any paper I need across the bar which works until I use a fan to cool the room, so in fixing the restoration loom damage I thought I'd try and improve on folding/clipping notes to the bar.  First step was to drill a hole (using a stop) from the rear of the bar to about 1/8 of an inch from the front surface. 

Holes drilled from rear


Strong magnets

Then sticking a small super strong neodymium magnet into that hole. 

Magnet in hole

That then allows me to use fridge magnets on the front of the bar to hold notes/guides without risk of marking.

Fridge magnets holding instructions

Now to get on with some more straight restoration - perfect for a rainy day in Tennessee.

Restoration project





Simple and elegant! I may try this, or a variation on my LeClerc!


i have a bunch of those magnets!! must try..

Oli J

Really cool, and such easy solution! Sweet!

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