Hi!  has anyone started think about what they will be weaving for the AZ Federation's  Fibers Trhough Time Conference in 2010?  I am thinking of a shawl or runner in a simple structure type weave.  I love old style structured weaves with one or two colors but I do not see them in shows winning ribbons or merit.  I would like to try painted warps if I can find the time in my schedule, but I go back to wondering why I have to go that route or add lots of color to get pieces noticed.

Just a thought that I hope to get feedback about and discuss.


Louisa in Parks AZ


Lois S (not verified)

Hi Louisa

Although color does seem to draw more attention, I think excellent weaving also gets its due at FTT.  Can't remember the year, but Anne Fletcher's beautiful woven lace yardage in natural was a big winner a short time ago.  I think concentrating on quality in your weaving is the most important consideration. 

Lois S

Lois S (not verified)

Fibers Through Time 2010 conference registration is now available online.  It's always a great regional event.

Check out the information at  www.azfed.org

The dates are April 14-18, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona.   The course offerings include twenty-one 2 1/2 day workshops, including (shameless plug!) my class, "Easier Than It Looks: Interleaved Twills on 8 Shafts".  There will also be five one-day classes offered.

Hope to see you all there.                                                                                                                                                                                     


 The conference looks very good this year.  It will be hard to decide which to sign up for.  Kudo's to the Federation for such a good line up of classes.

Your class looks very interesting.  The crackle looks good as well as that is a course of study I am pursuing at the moment.  Roby Spady's class looks good as well.  This conference has a rich resource of information for the weaving world of AZ.  The idea of different length workshops is terrific as well.  

I have lots of thinking to do!

You will see me there.




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