I have officially fallen in love with organic cotton yarn! It is so soft and lusurious. I would love to hear where you obtain your cotton yarns, organic or otberwise! :)


Michael White

Shown a 10/2 x 10/2 huck lace baby blanket woven out of Georgia cotton.

Georgia, USA grown, all natural, ginned, spun and plied here in Georgia and shipped all over the world by the Georgia Yarn Company. This is a Ring spun CP or KP cotton very soft and has not been waxed ready to dye.






Bought about 5 lbs. of cotton 10/2 yarn from Michael and hand dyed.  I used a product sold by Dharma Trading that softens fibers after they have been dyed.  Oh my this yarn turned out so much better than I ever expected it to.  It is so soft, no pilling, warps beautifully and the final woven product is gorgeous (imop).  I would definitely buy from Michael again.


I have also purchased UKI mercerized cotton from Michael.  Can't get a better price anywhere else with excellent customer service/support.



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