"Dry" Beginners Dye Class June 24-28, 2015 DoubleTree Hotel, Austin Texas

This is a “dry” class for beginners. We’ll explore equipment, options and how to start your natural dyeing in your own environment. Ideas of how/what to do will definitely be discussed.

Roots, Wood, Bugs and Berries – Deb McClintock 
Level: Beginner 
June 24-28, 2015 DoubleTree Hotel, Austin Texas

Natural dyestuffs fall mainly into the following broad categories: Leaves and stems; twigs and tree prunings; flower heads; barks; roots; insect dyes; outer skins, hulls and husks; hardwoods and wood shavings; berries and seeds; and lichen.

We will cover how to get those colors to “bite” with mordants; how you use different “assists” to push the colors different directions, and how natural dyes were developed and used historically. We will go through the basic equipment needed to get started and talk about safety. This session won’t make you a natural dye expert in one day, but you will start looking at your garden and yard plants in a new light. What color will your valley provide? 

Equipment Requirement for Students: Note-taking materials and favorite dye book, if you have one. 
Materials Fee: NONE