Drawloom Weaving Classes?

I think it is time I take a proper class in drawloom weaving. I started looking into the Vavstuga classes. I love the DVD I have from Becky, but I live closer to Sweden than I do to the US. I know Becky and JoAnne Hall both studied weaving in Sweden. So I'm wondering if there are still courses available in Sweden, if so, what are they called? I'm not having much luck finding any online.

Thanks for your help,




Try these - not all offer scheduled courses, but will probably be better able to answer your questions

http://www.vavmuseum.se/kurser/  ( 6 days in september)

http://www.vavstugan.com/the-weaving-house-in-tingsryd/  (nothing scheduled, but they used to offer drawloom classes, so ask them?)

http://www.myrehed.se/kurser/  (nothing scheduled)

http://dragsnorena.nu/index.html  ("The drawcords", a nat'nal association for d-loom weavers, should be able to give advice)




Thank you so much! I will look into those. I am loving my drawloom weaving and look forward to advancing my knowledge and skill in this area.

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