This is the place to list your cotton yarn, with pictures please.

Information like brand names, sizes, wraps per inch, where you bought it, would all be helpful for sourcing.

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francorios (not verified)

My favorite cotton yarn is 4 ply worsted cotton, thickness is about 12 wraps per inch.

I usually buy a cone of Peaches & Creme (PC)  White yarn, 14 oz, 690 yards as a basic background color for dishtowels.

For color accents, I usually buy Sugar n Cream (SC) yarn, 2.5 oz balls, 120 yards  for patterns and stripes.

I can buy the PC white cones at Wal Mart for about $6.50 US, usually they don't have any other colors that I want to use, small selection. Some they do have "Shaded Denim" in a cone which is a great color to use in dishtowels. Peaches & Cream is milled in USA from USA grown cotton. Wal Mart is the giant US retailer of all many kinds of goods.

So for color I go to the SC balls for about $1.75 US, and I can usually find a good selection of colors at Michaels and Joanns. The SC are often on sale as they change their stock colors around. Sugar N Cream is milled in Canada from USA grown cotton. Michaels and Joanns are craft, knit/crochet and sewing supply stores.

I've successfully used this yarn on backstrap loom for balanced weave pieces, rigid heddle for dishtowels, frame loom for finished edge washclothes, and fingerweaving straps.

Have a good day!

Caroline (not verified)

Franco, thank you for posting that info.

I do have a suggestion for anyone else posting to this thread: please use the WPI system of measuring yarn. We can all wind a bit of yarn around a ruler to work out the wpi, but the ply system means different things in different parts of the world!

PC and SC are not 4 ply yarns in Australia and Europe, where the ply system originated; they are 8 - 10 ply yarns,  so substituting another locally made 4 ply yarn could have unexpected results. Winding  any 4 ply yarn around a ruler would immediately show that the substitution would not work , and gives a common way of measuring the thickness of the yarns we use.  4 ply in the UK is approximately 18 wpi.

This is especially important once you get down to the finer yarns used for embroidery and lace crochet, as they all have different systems of measurement - a #5 Perle cotton in Australia is not the same as a #5 crochet cotton, but probably is the same as a 10/2 Perle cotton thats found in the States - it should be about 36 - 40 wpi, which is about the same as 2 ply knitting yarn here in Australia.

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