I've been pondering how best to dilute the 2% dye stock for the beige formula.  I am using 200ml total liquid for 5g of silk fabric.  I am reserving 75ml for the soda ash solution.  125ml remain for the padding phase of the dye process.  We are using a 0.5% DOS for the beige sample.  This fits neatly with the 125ml required for the padding phase:

To dilute a 2% stock solution to 100:1 measure out 10ml dye stock and add 990ml water for 1000ml total.

This is much more than I need so divide by 4 to get 2.5ml dye stock to 247.5ml water for 250ml total.  (Still more than I need, but better?)

Determine the percentages of the 4 colors for the 0.5% DOS formula for the beige color sample.

For 125ml dye solution:

37.5ml Yellow - 30% Yellow

37.5ml Gold-30% Gold

31.25ml Scarlet-25% Scarlet

18.75ml Navy-15% Navy

My goal is to use the dye stock most efficiently with the best chance for accuracy when measuring.  (If I divided by 8 instead of 4, I would have less waste, but less accuracy - at least that is my thinking.)


Karren K. Brito

The amount of diluted stock you make can be limited by the volumetric flasks that you have.  And you are right, measuring less than 10mL  is less accurate.

So I would measure 10mL into the 100mL volumetric flask and fill to 100mL mark.  This is a 10:1 dilution.  Now take 10mL of this solution and dilute again to the 100mL mark. Now you have only 100mL of 0.02% stock.  Be sure and label both solutions, they are hard to tell apart.

Be sure to allow the dye in the jar to heat up to 60°C before adding your silk.

Anne Vincent

Thank you, Karen.  That is what I will do.