I have had a 16 shaft AVL production dobby loom since 1986 and have not used it since 1998.  Life just got in the way and I got involved in other creative endeavors.  I started weaving again about 5 years ago, but found it easier to use my Baby Wolf ( like riding a bike....).   I have taken baby steps towards the goal of weaving on the AVL...I upgraded Fiberworks, upgraded the cable connection, tested the Compu-Dobby using the dusty warp on the loom.  I did all the tutorials out there for Fiberworks so I can design original drafts!  What an awesome program when you know how to use it!  

I have also had an AVL Warping Wheel...one of the original ones made...and had NEVER used it!  So...I dusted that off and bought Jannie's book, and watched all the videos online (thanks goodness for You Tube!!).

At Convergence when I heard of Halloweave...I knew deep down what my terrifying challenge would be, and which weaving demon I needed to sley!  The AVL.

Last Wednesday I used Fiberworks to design towels for an exchange.  The design is a Network draft with circles and a twill border.  Love it and have 6 treadling variations that I love!

Last Thursday I started the sectional warp with the Warping Wheel and was amazed how easy it is to use!  Finished that Saturday night!  The warp is white 10/2 unmercerized cotton and 22/2 Cottolin.

Sunday I started threading....and will finish that tonight.  I should be weaving by tomorrow!! 

THIS FEEL SO GOOD!!  I could not feel better if I had climbed a huge mountain!!  This Halloweave will be a great memory for me!! 



Martha T

The AVL is working wonderfully!  I had forgotten how great it is to use a flying shuttle!  I have one towel woven!  It will one I keep since it has three different patterns.  Decided to do that instead of just samples.