Is the thought to use Weavolution as a substitute or just an additional possibility to the Yahoo group?



claudia (not verified)

Hi F.M.

We thought we would shut down the Weavolution group on Yahoo once the website was released in beta.  However, I am looking for ways to encourage people to return to Weavolution and see the changes we have made and the bugs we have fixed.  I hope people will read the News and post pictures in "My Stuff" and add their projects so we can see what you are working on.  That is why I wrote to the group yesterday.

I sorry if my actions created confusion. 

Claudia, co-founder of Weavolution

fibermeister (not verified)

I thought my question only went to membes of the WGM group.and was intended to ask about the WGM Yahoo group, not the Weavolution group.   Sorry if I was confused.   Or is the problem that the Weavers Guild Of Minnesota is a general forum rather than in a group forum as intended?