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First Weaving Pi Scarf

A scarf is planned for the best hubby in the world – yes, now in summer rolling_on_the_floor_laughing − the next winter is coming and the first weaving project on the new table loom must be easy. But traditionally I love challenges, so the physicist will get PI stripes.


Yay, I finally dared to windthe warp (about 220cm)! 120 threads for a 40/10 reet in Regina Silk Shine mocha, 72g. It only took four attempts for me to get along with the threadline and the crosses. rolling_on_the_floor_laughing


The warp is on my table loom! On the back beam, the threads are not quite neat, I still have to work on that. Otherwise, I am very satisfied! It took a long time, but with the help of the Ashford videos I was well informed and quite reconciled with my very first chain (school weaving frame does not count!).
Some waste yarn for spreading the warp at the very beginning is already interwoven, but I have to do some more.

Width On Loom: 
Project Dates: 
Monday, July 8, 2019
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Thu, 07/01/2021 - 12:01
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