Please help! Frustrated Newbie here

Hello everyone - this summer I decided to learn how to weave and ultimately purchased a 32" Ashford RHL.  With every project I have noted my lessons learned and tried to correct them with the next project. This time, however, I am really stuck and would so appreciate whatever help you might be able to give.

My project is focused in learning to read a draft, design and execute a scarf.  The yarns are 8/2 tencel (black and white).  The design is Houndstooth wih stripes between the blocks of Houndstooth on a new 12.5 heddle, with doubled threads in each slot and hole.

of course i had trouble threading and missed one slot ... so i tried to rethread ... but it turned out to be such a "sticky" mess that I had to wait for my Patience to return!  When she did, I then took everything off my warping peg to try to straighten out the warp threads.  Althouh there were moments when the challenge seemed daunting I eventually did get all back on the peg and in good order and continued threading.  At last I could see the end of warping!  So I wound on the warp last night using the yank and crank method, and put my loom back on its stand, tied on and tested the tension.  

OMG - after all of that there was NO tension for any of the threads in the slots.  The only position in which there was equal tension was when the heddle was in Neutral.  I have tried to reposition the tie-on knots of each thread but that doesnt seem to make much of a difference.  The only thing that seems to make a difference is where i hold my warp when I am winding on and even then the result is inconsisent.  And of course each time I fiddle those tencel threads just end up sticking to each other (does high humidity change tencel?)  I have not experienced this problem before and I am very frustrated.  So here I am anxious to weave but feel I cant go on until I solve this diliemma.

What could I do to correct this, to make it easier, to improve my process and to make warping more predictable?

Thanks in advance for all your help!


Posted on Mon, 09/11/2017 - 11:16

Threads which do not stretch very much should be tied on with the heddle in the up or down position so that the threads in the eyes are a little longer than the threads in the slots.