I have built my loom, today I have made a weaving test (the first thing I ever weave Smile) and it works. So here are some pictures for interested people as other pictures and posts have helped me in the construction. There are many details to have in mind and many interrelations among the different parts of the loom, it has taken me seven months of spare time working. I do not know if today I would start with the project as today I realize it is so complex. Its weaving width is 80 cm, its depth 120 cm, 8 shafts and 8 treadles, parallel countermarch.




Here are some pictures, they have been taken in various stages of the final works.

loom pulleysloom general view

Weaving shed



Very nice!!!  The lower lamms look a bit low, but it looks like you have a good shed, and that's all that matters.  Great Work, and congratulations!


Thank you big white sofa dog, well it works but small rearrangements could be done as such you mention. Also, with bigger heddles a better shed colud be obtained.


Bigger heddles don't always give you a bigger shed.  It depends on how much room there is for the lamms to move.  If you put large, 12" heddles on a loom that doesn't have enough room for them to move, it will actually make the shed smaller.


Oh I love it!  Fantastic! And a built in raddle! Boy some people just jump right into the deep end! Congratulations. There aren't many people who would attempt such a project, let alone produce such professional results. Keep at it!


Hi big white sofa dog,

The heddles now are 28 cm (11") long and every shaft move 5 cm up or down. With 39 cm (15") heddles they will move 8 cm up or down. There is enough room for 3 cm extra. But by now I will keep these heddle until be necessary to change them.


Thanks TomZ, now is time to learn to weave Embarassed.


Group Audience