4-Harness Schacht MIGHTY WOLF Floor Loom, Excellent Condition (Portland, OR)

Mighty Wolf Floor Loom For Sale! 

Maple* “Mighty Wolf” 4-Harness 36” Floor Loom 

by Schacht Spindle Co. 

4-Now, 4-Later Version 

Retails for $2,804 

Excellent Used Condition! Includes “Wolf Stroller” for easy storage and moving ($127 retail) 

Additional For Sale (may negotiate to bundle and save): 

  • 36” Steel “12 Dent” Reed ($134 retail) 

  • 36” Steel “5 Dent” Reed ($134 retail) 

  • G. Anderssons Metal Bobbin Winder ($149.99 retail) 

  • Solid Maple Warping Board ($114.95 retail) 

  • 3 LeClerc 11.75” Boat Shuttles ($39 each retail) 

  • 3 LeClerc Rag Shuttles ($27 each retail) 

  • Schacht S-Shaped Brass Reed Hook ($8 retail) 

  • Schacht Heddle Hook ($13 retail) 


  • Total Retail Value for Accessories: $752 

  • Total Retail Value for All: $3,556 

ASKING $2,400 FOR EVERYTHING -- LOOM & ACCESSORIES. OBO! Will consider selling items individually. 

*The loom may actually be Cherry, I have a question in to the Schacht Spindle Co. to verify. 

CONTACT: CARRIE HEARNE 971.295.8445 or Email [email protected] 

Portland, Oregon 


Portland, OR
United States
For Sale/Trade
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$2 400
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Generic Photo -- NOTE my Loom is currently set up w/ 4 Harnesses
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Shacht Spindle Co Mighty Wolf Loom
4-now, 4-Later
Mighty Wolf 4-Harness Loom w/ Shuttle
Bobbin Winder ($150 value)
Hettle and Reed Hooks
11.75" Shuttles (LeClerc)
Rag Shuttles (LeClerc)
Warping Board
5 Dent Steel Reed (36")
Warping Board 2nd Pic

ISO Glimakra Victoria Table Loom

I have been interested in Glimakra's Victoria Table Loom for some years. I have a number of table looms, but would be willing to buy a Victoria if someone was looking to sell at a reasonable price. I can pick up in the UK, or will pay shipping within the U.S. (I know that sounds odd, but it does work. :)

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Macomber Add A Harness Loom (40”)

Circa 1969 - 40" Weaving width.


(4) Harnesses

(6) Treadles

(1) Plain Beam

(1) Stainless Steel (12) Dent Reed


Chicago is in very nice condition for her age.

She is a workhorse but no longer needed as a larger version is taking her place.


$1500 / Cash only. Purchaser to arrange pickup/freight.


Question welcome.


Northeast Wisconsin.
United States
For Sale/Trade
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$1 500
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Louet Octado

For sale: Louet Octado, 90 cm / 35 inches wide. This loom is five years old; the electronic dobby is three years old. Plain warp beam. Excellent condition. Selling to upgrade to a sixteen-shaft loom. Price new is $12,450 CDN. Selling for $8,500 Canadian / approximately $6,365 US. Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada (which is about 1/1/2 hours from Buffalo, NY.)

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$6 365
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Glimakra Emilia 18" rigid heddle loom w/ stand & books

For sale is a Glimakra Emilia 18" rigid heddle loom with the stand and some extras. This loom folds for transport and/or storage. It comes with

18" Glimakra loom
stand for loom
three reeds - 8, 10 and 12 dent (two pictured in the chair, one on the loom)
2 clamps
1 warping peg
1 weaving hook
1 stick shuttle (not pictured)
Books -
(1) Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport
(2) Weaving Made Easy: 17 Projects Using a Simple Loom by Liz Gipson

and a booklet published by Schacht called The Schacht Guide to the Rigid Heddle Loom: Projects, Tips, Inspiration (this is not in the pictures).

The only things wrong with this loom - it's missing the little rubber tip on the back ratchet and pawl handle, and, I was using rubber bands on the back tie-on bar to hold the yarn secure and they dry rotted so there's just a bit of residue on there. There's also a bit of black paint missing on some of the metal pieces. Other than those things, this loom and accessories are fine.

A rigid heddle loom is a wonderful way to learn weaving or good for people without the space or inclination to weave on a floor loom. Because of the portability, you can move the loom to any room of your house and still weave. On the stand, the loom sits at chair level so you don't have to have a special bench or chair. The loom folds forward with the woven item still on the loom so it can be mobile without worrying about messing up your project.

The current retail price for the loom, stand and two extra heddles is $439 - this doesn't include the cost of buying the books. I am asking $350 or best offer for everything.

Thank you.




Hickory NC
United States
For Sale/Trade
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SOLD - FSOT: 45" 8h/10t Leclerc Nilart Jack loom



For sale or trade - 45” Leclerc Nilart jack loom with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles (it was made with the option of being converted into a 12 harness but I do not think Leclerc sells that kit anymore). Cloth aprons in very nice shape. Light scratches over parts of the wood. Comes with well over 1,000 inserted eye heddles, 2 unmarked side feed shuttles, 2 sets of lease sticks, and eight 45” wide reeds

1 - 5 dent stainless steel

1 - 8 dent stainless steel

1 - 6 dent carbon steel

1 - 9 dent carbon steel

1 - 10 dent carbon steel

1 - 12 dent carbon steel on loom

1 - 12 dent stainless steel

1 - 15 dent carbon steel

​On all of the reeds that have paper wrapping the paper is tattered and missing in some places. One reed is stainless with plastic edging. Most of the non stainless reeds have light rust, again this does not appear to affect the reed quality.

Includes a nice walnut bench with side and under seat storage that was built for this particular loom.

The loom measures 55” wide, 58” deep open to its full depth, 35” folded (these two measurements are without the treadles), 49” tall at the castle, and the breast beam is 34 1/2” high.

From what I understand, the Nilus II was the upgrade for this loom. Priced new the Nilus II, with 8 reeds and a bench, would be over $5,000 ($3,975 for the loom, the reeds are $84 for the carbon steel, $117 for the stainless and a bench to fit this loom is just over $500).

I am asking $1,800 obo for the lot OR I would very much like to trade for a 30” - 36” 8 harness loom. I’ll consider any brand and style of 8h floor loom as long as it falls in that width range.

The loom is currently not warped/dressed so will be easy to dismantle. However, I may be putting a warp on within the next two weeks if it’s still here.

Loom is located near Hickory, NC, about an hour north of Charlotte. I’ll be glad to meet someone within about 100 miles.

I have more pictures.  Please msg me and I'll be glad to send them along.

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$1 800
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Leclerc 45" 8h loom
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Loom dressed
Loom closed

Fireside Fiberarts Loom for sale

This gorgeous cherry jack loom, with a 60” weaving width, 10 shafts, 16 treadles, double warp beam, and worm gear was custom-made and signed by Gary Swett, Loom Maker, February 1992.  It also comes with a matching furniture-grade commuter bench, raddle, lamp holder, reed, and extra wire heddles, all in perfect working order.  It weaves like a dream – the action is easy and treadling is light.  All the beams are removable for easy threading and tying up of treadles.  The loom can be disassembled for transport.  With great regret I have to say good-bye, due to space constraints. Located in Waterbury Center, VT  Asking $3,500.  Buyer is responsible for pick-up or shipping.  Please contact [email protected]


Waterbury Center, VT
United States
For Sale/Trade
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