The WEaver's Friend from the Reed Company


<p>&nbsp; &nbsp;I own this&nbsp;beauty,&nbsp;but it is time for me to find it a new home.&nbsp; I believe this&nbsp;&nbsp;debuted in&nbsp;the 1800&#39;s from the Reed Company and it is stamped 916 and The Weaver&#39;s Friend.&nbsp; The loom is double harness and&nbsp;is in great working condition!!&nbsp; The dimensions are 54&quot; x &nbsp;45&quot; x &nbsp;44&quot;.&nbsp; Please text me at &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="tel:812-592-3298">812-592-3298</a>&nbsp; or email &nbsp; [email protected]&nbsp; &nbsp;if interested!&nbsp; The price listed is negotiable that is based on what someone told me a few years ago.</p>

For Sale/Trade
$4 500