Vintage Leclerc Dorothy 4 Harness Table Loom


<p>Leclerc&#39;s Dorothy is a foldable table loom in 15 3/4 weaving widths. The levers are mounted on the side of the castle and are graduated in length for ease in identification. In addition, the harnesses that have been raised for a combination do not need to be returned to neutral: they fall automatically back into place when you press down the levers for the next combination. The loom folds easily, even when fully warped, for travel or storage.</p><p>The loom comes with:</p><ul><li>12 dent stainless steel reed</li><li>400 wire heddles for the 15 3/4&quot;</li><li>metal apron bars</li></ul><p>Buyer pays for shipping.&nbsp; Thank you.</p>

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