Varpapuu Finlandia countermarche 12 shaft, 12 treadles


<p>Varpapuu Finlandia horizontal countermarche loom, 120 cm (47 inches), 12 shaft, 12 treadles, functionally equivalent to the Glimakra Standard. Pick-up ready. Produced rugs, blankets, scarves and household linens using from 4 to 12 shafts and treadles. Included: Original bench (stool), 3 reeds: 5, 8 and 12 dpi, Shaft hangers (2), Locking pins (2), Wooden Hammer; Complete set of texsolv cords, pins and anchors. Included approximately additional 1200 280mm texsolv heddles; the original Finnish owner&#39;s manual with diagrams, photographs and text instructions for assembly, warping and threading; English translation of the tie-up process; &quot;Tying up Your Horizontal Countermarche Loom&quot; by Joanne Hall; &quot;Dress Your Loom the Vavstuga Way - A Bench-side Photo Guide&quot; by Becky Ashenden.</p>

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