Novice(and not so novice) yarn Kits

Introducing a new and very simple, cost prudent weaving kit program for those new weavers just getting started (and those not so new :)
    A kit containing all you need to produce basic Dish Towels, Place Mats, etc. 
    Each fabric is an original fabric design as submitted by the designer/weaver for the M.Brassard By monthly fabric design program, utilizing M. Brassard 2018 inventory colors. 
    And the real feature is the kit contans everything you need. Everything at one price.. You do not have to go to one step to get the design, then another to choose the colors and yarn cost, then another to figure the state tax if applicable, then another to figure shipping cost. 
  Included in the kit is the fabric design, the yarns, and my personal customer service for any help you need laying it out, Re: in warping, weaving, etc. on the equpment you have.   
   All kits are shipped free to the lower 48 and any applicable state tax is included in the price. These sample Kits are fully contained.
   You select the Kit, pay the Kit price via Pay Pal or check and thats it. There are 2 groups, first group, 3 Kits contain 7, 8oz Tubes(3.5lbs) M.Brassard 8/2 Cotton.  $57

and group 2, 3 Kits contain 4, 80z Tubes(2 lbs) M. Brassard Cotton $39

  You can go with the original colors in the layout or choose any colors from M. Brassard 2018 81 color 8/2 color chart
    Any qustions, my partner(Granddaughter Noel) who is in charge of this new program will gladly assist you with. I will assist her with any technical help needed.
 Go to for the complete program and ordering info.  
                Tom Beaudet
               [email protected]
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