AVL Warping system, including spool rack and spools, tension box, track and mount system


Listing includes spool rack, 120 spools, the track and mount system, and the tension box that travels along it.  According the the AVL website, this is compatible with A, K, and V-series looms, workshop, studio, and industrial dobby looms, and the rug loom. 

The retail price, also according to AVL, is as follows:

spool rack - $496.00

spools, 120 ct @ $4.50 each - $540.00

track and mount system - $207.00

tension box - $389.50

total - $1839.50


MY PRICE:  $900.00


All components are in excellent condition.  They have been used twice.


If you live somewhere in Colorado or southern Wyoming maybe we can arrange a pick up point.











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