Alpaca, Mohair, Lincoln Longwool


<p>These are recently washed/rinsed, picked, combed, and carded loose alpaca, mohair, and Lincoln Longwool fibers. (Unblended) They are available for sale at my shop on Most of the fibers are available as clouds of opened fibers. Only the Copper Penny alpaca has been through my hand carder twice, but I would suggest additional carding. I have been able to remove&nbsp;most, but not all, fine VM.&nbsp;This is from my personal stash and has been kept inside my home. I thought I&#39;d be able to spin fiber in addition to weaving my handspun. Alas, that is not the case. (You can stop laughing anytime now. :-) Black alpaca will be available at some time in the future after I recover from the time spent processing this. Please contact me through etsy if interested. $2-$3 per ounce&nbsp;and can be flexible to some extent.&nbsp;</p><p>Cindy</p>

For Sale/Trade