10 Harness Cherrywood Floor Loom



<p>Hi all! I have a beautiful, 40 inch jack style cherrywood loom from Fireside Fiberarts to sell. Its got 10 harnesses, 12 treadles, 2 beams in the back. Currently deconstructed (I have had to move it into storage in the back of an SUV) so some assembly required, but its pretty intuitive to reassemble if you know anything about looms, and I am happy to offer any guidance. Comes with matching bench, warping mill and/or any miscellaneous accessories (reeds, extra bobbins/shuttles, etc) you want to take. Likely cost upwards of 8k new, and I believe I am only the second owner. Downsizing and simply cannot keep it. Looking to sell sooner than later, so please make an offer!</p>

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$5 000