Warping Back to Front Table Loom

Full Description: 

This class will show you how to warp a table loom back to front. This is a great method for warping any loom, but provides some distinct advantage for a table loom.  Warping Back to Front makes it warping quick, easy, and consistent. The Back to Front method has been using in Sweden for centuries to create warps with perfect tension throughout!

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Recommended Experience: 
New Weaver
What to bring: 

Warping Board

Raddle (if you have one, a reed works well too!)

Sleigh Hook

Reed Hook


Erica began weaving at 8 years old, though it was nearly 20 years until she had the space and time to weave regularly. She was a fairly early Weavolution member and was thrilled when she was asked if she would like to become part of the Weavolution Team. Erica and, her husband, Oliver bought Weavolution in 2011. Erica love twills and pushing the limits of her weaving ability with her Myrhead Drawloom attachment. Erica is a big fan of Glimakra looms, but keeps enough table looms around to be able to travel to the Cambridge Guild's Come and Weave days and to always have a loom close to hand! Erica is very active in the site building and mantenance of Weavolution