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Ruana for a friend from her handspun yarn

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ruana on the loom
weighted temple
detail while being woven
detail of both sides--on left is the front (weft-dominant side), on the right is the back (warp-dominant side).  The dog hair has really "bloomed" after wet finishing/fulling!
Project Status: 
Project Date: 
Sun, 09/12/2010 - Fri, 09/17/2010
Loom Used: 
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 
8.00 EPI
Length on Loom: 
3.00 yd
Width on Loom: 
57.00 in
Finished Length: 
67.00 in
Finished Width: 
46.00 in

This is a collaboration with a good friend.  She spun the warp and weft and I'm weaving a ruana for her.  The warp is handspun Romney wool for the central area, the sides are handspun dog hair.  The weft is handspun dog hair for pattern picks and Peruvian Suri alpaca for tabby picks.  The threading is an 8 shaft turned twill with most of the area threaded and woven a the weft-faced block.  There are two picks of plain weave between each pattern treadle to allow space between the handspun doghair so that the weft will "bloom" when wet finished.   I'm using a weighted temple (large washers tied to paper clips attached to each side and hanging from the edge of the web near the fell line).  The beat is loose and the fabric structure is quite open while weaving... wet finishing will allow for the hand spun to full and the hairs to bloom.

Last photos show Noel and a detail of the finished fabric.  Parking lot of the Earth Fare was where we met so I could see the results of her wet finishing-fulling!

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Joined: 06/08/2009
Very nice

This is quite a change from your tapestry weaving, and it is really lovely.  Those natural colors are so practical for this type of garment.  I'd like more details about how this garment will be assembled -- how many panels, or are you going to split the warp and do the two fronts continuously with the back?


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Joined: 06/11/2009
Thanks, Bonnie... I was a

Thanks, Bonnie... I was a "fabric weaver" for about 15 years before moving to tapestry.  I still do fabric weaving occasionally--call it my "hobby" weaving since I do it for the pure pleasure of giving it away or doing it for friends, like this piece, or for myself.

About the piece, it's being woven in a single piece, 57" at the reed, to be about 45-46" wide when wet finished.  I wove the back as a solid wide piece and now am weaving the front in two slits.  This is a bit slow-going since I'm using the suri alpaca tabby on a separate shuttle from the handspun doghair.  I'm about to begin the final push for the piece in a few minutes, quite a bit of color changing as the bottom approaches so more shuttles will be getting involved.  

I'll post a photo to the project once off the loom, then a later photo of the totally completed piece once Noel has worked the magic of the final finishing!  

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Joined: 06/25/2009
weaving with dog hair

I have a quantity of dog hair spun into yarn (not blended) that I want to weave into a lap blanket.  Do you recommend that I use a different fiber for the warp?  How did you wet finish your project?

I know this is a late comment (I just joined) and that you made your project a few years ago.  Maybe you remember?

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Joined: 06/11/2009
Wet finishing this project

I used Noel's handspun Romney for most of the warp, with small areas of the spun dog hair. She fulled the piece but I don't know the details... sorry about that! I wove it a couple of years ago and she's still enjoying wearing it when the weather is cold.


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Joined: 06/25/2009
Dog Hair

Thank you for taking the time to respond Tommye.  I think I should have done more research before I spun the hair.  I did not blend in any wool as the owner of the dog wanted a remembrance of his faithful friend and I thought it should be pure.  I have lots so I will weave a sample.  Hopefully the yarn is strong enough to use as warp and that fulling is sucessful.  I guess if my sample doesn't work out I can always knit with it instead.

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