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impromptu duffel-bag

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i had woven this 3 or 4 years ago on a rigid heddle (can't remember exactly when) as a little practise/experiment, to learn how to make the patterns.....
after i'd made the little rug i had laid it over an ottoman i'd rescued from dumpsters that wasn't at all "dirty" but VERY stained-nasty...
impromptu duffel-bag
plan to tack selvedges into a center (make a long tube), fold it in  half like this to use both smaller tubes as the "bag"...
warp for an inkle-belt i plan to use with the "bag"
making belt on the rigid-heddle loom...
lined the rug with brown-burlap, and tacking this into a "tube" shape...
braided warp ends of the belt, some little wooden beads..
all finished (sorta, still want to braid/bead ends of belt)
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going to visit mother a couple states away and wanted to try and use an old seat-cover as a new bag of sorts... i didn't need anything large, if anything i needed it to resemble a thin duffel bag, to carry the pieces of my Journey Loom, some yarn & odds/ends....

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Joined: 08/05/2010
So you took the old seat

So you took the old seat cover and unravelled it then wove your duffel bag?

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Joined: 08/05/2010
Either way, I like your

Either way, I like your recycling:)

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hey Cathie :) actually i

hey Cathie :) actually i uploaded a couple new pictures there so that you can see that i wove this originally on a rigid heddle as a  bit of a lesson/experiment to try and learn how to make pattern and whatnot.. i'll SAY that i learned to weave about a decade ago (me & neice learned how to make pot-holders together haha) ;) but i am still struggling with much of it... this little rug here was one of the first things i wove on my own...

thanks for the compliments :)

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