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"Need help identifying the model on my Structo Artcraft Loom," by dellarby
comment: "structo," by loveovershot
6 Weaving 1 year 17 weeks
"sett for slippery yarns," by jenadina
comment: "Jen, Well, on Thanksgiving, I," by Alison
6 Weaving 4 years 22 weeks
"Salvage Threading," by jlread
comment: "If you only have a 4 shaft," by caloosa
6 Weaving 1 year 3 weeks
"Scottish textiel, Joan Baxter, Stirling Unicorn tapestries, Paisley, Kilbarchan Weavers Cottage," by singingweaver
comment: "Thanks," by endorph
6 Chat! 27 weeks 5 days
"Reeds," by Matte
comment: "reeds," by SallyE
6 New for us (but old) loom and tips about rennovations 2 years 6 weeks
"What was your first loom/weaving experience?," by AutumnWeaves
comment: "My first one was a LeClerc," by TinaHilton
6 Weaving 4 years 22 weeks
"trip to Stockholm and Oslo," by Bonnie Inouye
comment: "Oslo," by Threshkin
6 Chat! 3 years 35 weeks
"No photo and no information...hardly worthwhile," by Russian Princess
comment: "To be fair, the information," by Dawn McCarthy
6 Improving Weavolution 2 years 16 weeks
"5/2 Tencel?," by JoAnnaWeaves
comment: "Teresa Ruch is a yarn dyer," by tien
6 Weaving 2 years 31 weeks
"Prize," by Karen
comment: "So did I, I love it!," by Penn
6 HalloWeave 2 years 44 weeks
"Is honeycomb a weave structure?," by Interlacements
comment: "Honeycomb is a plain weave," by Sara von Tresckow
6 Weaving 2 years 44 weeks
"Warp Info for a newbie!," by Dawn Watson
comment: "Warping," by Michael White
6 Macomber Looms 3 years 12 weeks
"Can you mix nylon rug yarn with wool rug yarn?," by Wooleyweaver
comment: "(No subject)," by Wooleyweaver
6 Rug Weavers 1 year 26 weeks
"ISO Angel Wings," by igaff
comment: "Angel Wings," by weaver-dyer
6 For Sale or Trade 38 weeks 6 days
"Celtic Knot Design Software," by Chasinmendo
comment: "A Lot of Work," by Mystic Handworks
6 Bay Area Weavers & Spinners, Small Loom Weaving, Tapestry Weavers, Inkle and Tablet weaving, Opening A Studio, In the Spin, Las Catrinas, Rug Weavers, Ethnic Styles and Textures 1 year 14 weeks
"Worsted," by KarenIsenhower
comment: "Worsted," by Joanne Hall
6 Textile Terminology 3 years 10 weeks
"Gobelin Bobbins....insertion," by saffrondyeworks
comment: "Well, I think I've just," by saffrondyeworks
6 Tapestry Weavers 2 years 29 weeks
"Seersucker," by House Boat Weaver
comment: "I think you want information," by BonnieI
6 Weaving 4 years 22 weeks
"A Quieter, Gentler Dorothy," by celtinbirks
comment: "I know what you mean.....," by thelmaweaves
6 Weaving 25 weeks 2 days
"Reed Tape Advice," by susiehoke
comment: "Packing tape with fiberglass," by SallyE
6 Weaving 101 2 years 3 weeks
"Union Loom Handle Needed," by loomroomcat
comment: "Union Loom Handle," by dizzylizzy
6 For Sale or Trade 1 year 5 days
"A word or two on thread count," by ReedGuy
comment: "This refers to woven goods,," by LauraFry
6 Weaving 1 year 51 weeks
"Clothing from a backstrap loom," by francorios
comment: "Franco, from what I have seen," by Caroline
6 Backstrap weaving 4 years 22 weeks
"The DARES," by Karren K. Brito
comment: "My dare," by Anja
6 Las Catrinas 3 years 11 weeks
"Advertizers index," by MaryMartha
comment: "Yes, we agree and we are," by claudia
6 Improving Weavolution 4 years 22 weeks