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"Vävbeskrivningar på Riksföreningens sida," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "Tak for en interessant," by Ellen
7 Scandinavian Weavers 3 years 21 weeks
"Craft Revival Information," by Claudia Segal
comment: "This is GREAT! Thanks for," by Sally Orgren
7 Chat! 4 years 13 weeks
"Fringe twisting - before or after wet finishing?," by handspunhandwoven
comment: "I always do whatever fringe," by Amelia Garripoli
7 Weaving 3 years 42 weeks
"Which loom do I want?," by ryashani
comment: "You have several choices in," by claudia
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"Floor loom newbie question, again: best shuttle?," by minnimom
comment: "I don't think there is a best," by Badfaerie
7 Weaving 101 2 years 42 weeks
"Help identifying a shuttle," by celtinbirks
comment: "Draper Fly Shuttles," by Dawn McCarthy
7 Weaving 2 years 2 weeks
"Does anyone know what type of loom this might be?," by jandreja
comment: "How deep is the reed?," by Alison
7 Chat! 3 years 16 weeks
"How to Clean a Norwood Loom," by Isis
comment: "Yes, Watco makes several," by pammersw
7 Loom repair, maintenance, renovation 13 weeks 3 days
"Two heddles, one draft and ...," by Claudia Segal
comment: "Great idea! I just posted it," by jahanara
7 Weave-along (WAL) 4 years 13 weeks
"Moving Glimakra with Warp on?," by Erica J
comment: "some thoughts," by Liese
7 Chat! 2 years 15 weeks
"sprang: scarf," by graciela
comment: "Graciela, that is lovely!," by Caroline
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"which reed?," by ilaine
comment: "I'd use the 10.  I don't," by tien
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"shaded satin," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "What I learned in school a millenium ago ," by mneligh
7 Textile Terminology 1 year 41 weeks
"20/2 cotton & 12 dent reed," by joanlvh
comment: "Depends on what you want your," by LauraFry
7 Weaving 3 years 17 weeks
"drawdowns," by djfiberarts
comment: "hi DJ, Mary Black describes," by Caroline
7 Weaving 101 4 years 13 weeks
"Yarn for Rep Weave Rug," by dwilliston
comment: "Rep Rug," by big white sofa dog
7 Weaving 25 weeks 4 days
"Wanted - Metric Warping Mill ," by Mary Beebee
comment: "Warping mill new," by wenweave
7 For Sale or Trade 36 weeks 4 days
"Tools of the Trade table loom," by gailc
comment: "Please search under the," by Sally Orgren
7 Weaving 3 years 40 weeks
"Weaving loom advise," by warpweftweave
comment: "Have you considered Kessencih," by Claudia Segal
7 Weaving 48 weeks 9 hours
"Structure for weaving a jacket," by Sla312
comment: "Jacket fabric," by Joanne Hall
7 Weaving 2 years 11 weeks
"Selvedge on loose twill scarf?," by padmavyuha
comment: "I am relieved to hear someone," by Claudia Segal
7 Weaving 3 years 17 weeks
"Framing," by suzyhok
comment: "framing for tapestry," by tommye scanlin
7 Tapestry Weavers 2 years 51 weeks
"CD4?," by cacolorado
comment: "I bought it as an upgrade,," by tien
7 AVL 2 years 12 weeks
"Calulation for 2 yd warping mill?? ," by TNWEAVE
comment: "It looks like you want to," by lkautio
7 Weaving 101 4 years 13 weeks
"Using cotton mop," by Wendelene
comment: "Triming Yarn," by Michael White
7 Rug Weavers 2 years 32 weeks

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