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"SOLD: Baby Wolf 4N4L," by JeanneL1223
comment: "what is the weaving width?," by msthimble
6 For Sale or Trade 5 weeks 4 days
"Winding and tieing on warp with even tension-Baby Wolf," by yarncrazy
comment: "When you tie onto the cloth," by dtjacobson
6 Schacht Looms 1 year 28 weeks
"winding a wide warp," by argyarn
comment: "Are you pushing the threads," by Dawn McCarthy
6 Weaving 2 years 34 weeks
"Tessellation," by francorios
comment: "In reply to my blog post,," by francorios
6 Weaving 4 years 27 weeks
"Advertizers index," by MaryMartha
comment: "Yes, we agree and we are," by claudia
6 Improving Weavolution 4 years 27 weeks
"Can you buy fine bamboo fibre to weave with??," by MegWeaves
comment: "I don't know but I shall," by MegWeaves
6 Downunder Weavers 4 years 27 weeks
"Structo table loom repair for sticking levers," by summore65
comment: "try msthimble," by Sally Orgren
6 Structo Central 2 years 7 weeks
"Tension boxes," by Alison
comment: "You should not need to use a," by LauraFry
6 Weaving 4 years 27 weeks
"foam-- seat stuffing," by ingamarie
comment: "Hi Marie, foam comes in," by Caroline
6 Weaving 4 years 27 weeks
"countermarche vs. counterbalance?," by padmavyuha
comment: "Counterbalance is possible," by kerstinfroberg
6 Weaving 3 years 52 weeks
"Teacher Search," by Cameron T-B
comment: "Hi Cameron, The search," by Claudia Segal
6 Weavolution Help 3 years 50 weeks
"Two heddles and 2 shuttle sticks," by Claudia Segal
comment: "Thank you very much, these," by claudia
6 Rigid heddlers 4 years 27 weeks
"Cyber-fiber and Browsers," by ruthmacgregor
comment: "browsers," by Daryl Lancaster
6 Weavolution Help 3 years 27 weeks
"ISO Flax Seed," by big white sofa dog
comment: "One of the loom distributers," by ReedGuy
6 1 year 38 weeks
"JennyBellairs live weight," by patchwork
comment: "Answers to questions about live weight tension," by jennybellairs
6 Weaving 2 years 1 week
"question about Weavepoint software," by TinaHilton
comment: "Duh.  I should have figured," by TinaHilton
6 Weaving 4 years 27 weeks
"Is Texsolv tie-up cord worth it," by KimX
comment: "YEP! Highly recommend," by Dawn McCarthy
6 Weaving 3 years 10 weeks
"Updating profiles," by weaver-dyer
comment: "Thanks for the suggestion," by claudia
6 Improving Weavolution 4 years 22 weeks
"Any problems on Weavolution we can help with?," by ChrisWeaveMaine
comment: "reading directions?," by endorph
6 Maine Weavers 2 years 43 weeks
"Thanks and more news," by Alison
comment: "Site-seer," by Slipstream
6 Weavolution News and Announcements 3 years 47 weeks
"help putting loom together Cambridge 4s 6t," by wendyweaves
comment: "  Wendy, I found this link," by Alison
6 Weaving 2 years 41 weeks
"Rayon Chenille Scarf fringe and finishing," by rlmarchand
comment: "HI Rlmarchand.....you do need," by Su Butler
6 Weaving 2 years 13 weeks
"creating a new post ," by carol masters
comment: "not sure," by NRVweaver
6 The Handweavers Guild of the New River Valley 1 year 23 hours
"Ashford Traditional Drive Band Question," by francorios
comment: "Hi, I used nylon cord that I," by Rounder
6 Weaving 101 2 years 49 weeks
"Starting a business.," by steve104c
comment: "I can recommend Laura Fry's," by Amelia Garripoli
6 Weaving 4 years 15 weeks