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"Rigid Heddle Shibori," by jemwork
comment: "Hi Jemwork, WeaveZine had an," by emhoog
6 Handwoven Shibori 4 years 18 weeks
"Looking for advice on weaving software for fine threads," by M McLaughlin
comment: "Software for fine threads," by danteen
6 Weaving 32 weeks 6 days
"handweaver guild sale," by Jeanne-Marie
comment: "I have participated in the," by BonnieI
6 Fire in the Sky 4 years 18 weeks
"Bonnie Datta selvedge question," by Weavin Steven
comment: "Whoops, here's the diagram," by segal
6 Weaving 3 years 37 weeks
"Interesting shuttle-need help," by Peg.Cherre
comment: "My understanding," by SallyE
6 Weaving 1 year 35 weeks
"Weft keeps breaking," by Claudia Segal
comment: "The WEFT is breaking? — (not the WARP selvedge?)," by Sally Orgren
7 Weaving 30 weeks 5 days
"shaded satin," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "What I learned in school a millenium ago ," by mneligh
7 Textile Terminology 1 year 46 weeks
"Oil or Lubricate Heddles?," by jessiesurber
comment: "Not oil," by sequel
7 Weaving 1 year 4 days
"planning project using knitting yarn," by comfortclothweaving
comment: "The best approach is to," by LauraFry
7 Weaving 3 years 22 weeks
"MAFA Workshop Weekend," by Sally Orgren
comment: "This will be my first MAFA,," by Sally Orgren
7 Chat! 3 years 20 weeks
"uneven thread count," by Lauries
comment: "even numbers," by lkautio
7 Weaving 4 years 4 weeks
"Dorset Loom For Sale," by Drkwood
comment: "Is this loom still available," by sbeyma
7 Maine Weavers 2 weeks 3 days
"2 projects finished," by tomrsey
comment: "Here is the towel.," by tomrsey
7 Weaving 4 years 18 weeks
"Framing," by suzyhok
comment: "framing for tapestry," by tommye scanlin
7 Tapestry Weavers 3 years 5 weeks
"Project Runway Designer that is a handweaver?," by msthimble
comment: "Matthew?," by loomyladi
7 Chat! 1 year 16 weeks
"draft idea," by Lauries
comment: "fabric analysis," by debmcclintock
7 Chat! 4 years 11 weeks
"Vävbeskrivningar på Riksföreningens sida," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "Tak for en interessant," by Ellen
7 Scandinavian Weavers 3 years 26 weeks
"new project ?'s," by vvagogo
comment: " That's a tough question.  I," by claudia
7 Weaving 4 years 18 weeks
"A bit o" humor, "G" rated, I hope I am not out of line :)," by Chasinmendo
comment: "Formatting?," by Slipstream
7 Chat! 3 years 35 weeks
"Best yarn for extra long scarf," by DebD
comment: "I have woven several very," by gailc
7 Weaving 2 years 2 weeks
"Using cotton mop," by Wendelene
comment: "Triming Yarn," by Michael White
7 Rug Weavers 2 years 37 weeks
"Floor loom newbie question, again: best shuttle?," by minnimom
comment: "I don't think there is a best," by Badfaerie
7 Weaving 101 2 years 47 weeks
"Warping front to back and threading pattern," by yarncrazy
comment: "In a word, yes.  Keep the," by LauraFry
7 Schacht Looms 1 year 38 weeks
"Great Group Idea......," by Cheryl'B
comment: "There is a," by endorph
7 Daily Spider 2012 2 years 7 weeks
"Does anyone recognize this little floor loom?," by Chasinmendo
comment: "Towle looms," by Slipstream
7 Weaving 3 years 39 weeks

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