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"Vävbeskrivningar på Riksföreningens sida," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "Tak for en interessant," by Ellen
7 Scandinavian Weavers 3 years 21 weeks
"figuring out what material to use," by Grace McIntyre
comment: "it all depends on what you," by naturalfibres
7 Weaving 3 years 32 weeks
"Download Draft," by Moe
comment: "Hi Moe, Thanks for keeping," by Alison
7 Weavolution Help 3 years 36 weeks
"Blanket weaving," by Cleo
comment: "1. What loom type are you," by Sara von Tresckow
7 Weaving 1 year 9 weeks
"What is this? ," by msthimble
comment: "Counterballance pully to," by ReedGuy
7 Weaving 2 years 31 weeks
"Getting correct ppi," by Monica Bellas
comment: "1. Where does it say you need," by Sara von Tresckow
7 Weaving 3 years 18 weeks
"Warping front to back and threading pattern," by yarncrazy
comment: "In a word, yes.  Keep the," by LauraFry
7 Schacht Looms 1 year 33 weeks
"Double weave interlocking layers," by jc-threads
comment: "Weaving is something that is," by Sara von Tresckow
7 Weaving 1 year 45 weeks
"My new tapestry loom," by theresasc
comment: "Congrats theresasc! It's," by Cathie Beckman
7 Weaving 47 weeks 4 days
"sprang: scarf," by graciela
comment: "Graciela, that is lovely!," by Caroline
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"Great Group Idea......," by Cheryl'B
comment: "There is a," by endorph
7 Daily Spider 2012 2 years 2 weeks
"Two heddles, one draft and ...," by Claudia Segal
comment: "Great idea! I just posted it," by jahanara
7 Weave-along (WAL) 4 years 13 weeks
"FS Macomber 48/4 loom," by Michael White
comment: "Wish I lived about 1600 miles," by pammersw
7 Georgia Weavers 48 weeks 6 days
"three heddles on a harp," by WeavesToo
comment: " Thanks, mm I am starting to," by WeavesToo
7 Kromski Rigid Heddle Weavers 4 years 13 weeks
"Stash," by Lauries
comment: "Interesting.  My experience," by lkautio
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"Any Weaving/Fiber Arts things to do in Amsterdam?," by WeaverDave
comment: "hi, I don't know much about," by jeannine
7 Chat! 3 years 43 weeks
"More selvedge questions," by joydidit
comment: "More selvage questions," by Joanne Hall
7 Weaving 3 years 40 weeks
"Treadle Tieup," by Fitzroy
comment: "When I went to weaving school," by kerstinfroberg
7 Weaving 2 years 27 weeks
"How best to learn how to draft a weaving pattern?," by Weaverchick007
comment: "Just went to the site and did," by Weaverchick007
7 Weaving 4 years 12 weeks
"Framing," by suzyhok
comment: "framing for tapestry," by tommye scanlin
7 Tapestry Weavers 3 years 1 day
"Old reeds," by grnwtch
comment: "Rust removal," by Michael White
7 Weaving 3 years 10 weeks
"Loom Issues," by Threadsz
comment: "Thank you, Bonnie.  That's a," by Threadsz
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"CD4?," by cacolorado
comment: "I bought it as an upgrade,," by tien
7 AVL 2 years 13 weeks
"Joining a guild," by sibelabmom
comment: "That reminds me of a story. . . ," by SallyE
7 Weaving 2 years 49 weeks
"Which loom do I want?," by ryashani
comment: "You have several choices in," by claudia
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks

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