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"Sett for Aunt Lydia's Bamboo," by illoominated
Weaving 4 years 1 week
"Tapestry weaving on an Inkle Loom?," by katstraps
comment: "In warp-faced the only thing," by bolivian warmi
5 Weaving 4 years 1 week
"Online resources make great reading.," by Claudia Segal
comment: "Claudia, Thank you for these," by crosstownshuttler
1 Weavolution News and Announcements 4 years 1 week
"Do I have to use all the shafts?," by wovendream
comment: "The really nice thing about," by Mary Rios
2 Weaving 4 years 1 week
"Inkle Pick-up class success!," by ruthmacgregor
comment: "me too!," by jemwork
6 Weaving 4 years 1 week
"Anyone In London Area?," by Thumper70
comment: "Hi Thumper, I live in North," by Katilinum
10 UK weavers 4 years 1 week
"Pick-Up Inkle Weaving from Daryl's Cyber-Fiber Class," by B P
comment: "great work," by jemwork
3 Chat! 4 years 1 week
"3/1 vs. 1/3 twill on 4H?," by Peg.Cherre
comment: "You can do weft wise stripes," by LauraFry
4 Weaving 4 years 1 week
"Complex Weavings for 4-shaft Looms Introductions," by Silverwheelyarn
comment: "I have two looms currently," by jemwork
58 Complex Weaves on 4 Shafts 4 years 1 week
"tencel," by Ellen
comment: " For dem, der spinder," by EvaHall
7 Scandinavian Weavers 4 years 1 week
"Anglo Saxon Weaving - England," by Barbara Keyser
comment: "Warp weighted looms," by tommye scanlin
3 Weaving 4 years 1 week
"Cyber-fiber and Browsers," by ruthmacgregor
comment: "browsers," by Daryl Lancaster
6 Weavolution Help 4 years 2 weeks
"What's your favorite fiber?," by tien
comment: "Blue faced leceter (but i," by davasdu
52 Chat! 4 years 2 weeks
"Bad video link, and can't find bug reports," by KatP
comment: "Thank you for pointing out," by Claudia Segal
7 Improving Weavolution 4 years 2 weeks
"Treadles/dobby in Project notes," by LauraFry
comment: "Thanks Laura.  We are working," by Weavo admin
1 Improving Weavolution 4 years 2 weeks
"Log cabin på svenska?," by Manicgirl
comment: "log cabin," by aubeweave
1 Scandinavian Weavers 4 years 2 weeks
"Historical weaving - 1650s in England," by cdonovan
comment: "Peter Collingwood once," by Sara von Tresckow
5 Weaving 4 years 2 weeks
"Don't just sit, SPIN!," by Weavo admin
Classes and Workshops 4 years 2 weeks
"Caught in the Midwest Heat Wave? Think Dyeing Indigo," by Sara von Tresckow
comment: "That's a great way to utilise," by B P
5 Chat! 4 years 2 weeks
"Yikes, Join Daryl Lancaster on 7/20 for Pick-Up," by Weavo admin
comment: "Inkle pick-up class," by Daryl Lancaster
1 Classes and Workshops 4 years 2 weeks
"new to group--introduction," by lace.knitter
comment: "Hi lace.knitter. Welcome!," by bolivian warmi
8 Backstrap weaving 4 years 2 weeks
"How do you organize your stash?," by tien
comment: "sorting yarn," by lkautio
11 Weaving 4 years 2 weeks
"How much will humidity affect fibers when winding a new warp?," by Jeannie
comment: "Go ahead and warp your loom.," by Sara von Tresckow
4 Weaving 4 years 2 weeks
"Seeking Feedback," by LauraFry
comment: "Hi Laura, You did a fine job," by Claudia Segal
2 Chat! 4 years 2 weeks
"Differential shrinkage," by Claudia Segal
comment: "Absolutely! Cotton/wool is," by kerstinfroberg
8 Weaving 4 years 2 weeks