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"men at the loom," by graciela
comment: "Very nice set of pictures!!," by tomrsey
6 Chat! 3 years 45 weeks
"India sari; Seen on a french newspaper," by Weavernoes
comment: "Nicely done video," by Liese
3 Weaving 3 years 45 weeks
"A denser sett," by EvaHall
comment: "Eva, you've just summed up," by B P
2 Spook Of The Loom 3 years 45 weeks
"Hi there :)," by Stell Michelsen
comment: "Hi," by marlenedg
2 SCA Weavers 3 years 46 weeks
"zhengyanlin is a spammer," by francorios
comment: "and here,," by LauraFry
2 Improving Weavolution 3 years 46 weeks
"Forum Topic Order," by kbird
comment: "OK, folks, since last," by kbird
26 3 years 46 weeks
"Posting a draft for Tablet Weaving?," by Stell Michelsen
comment: "Stell, it looks like you," by debmcclintock
3 Weavolution Help 3 years 46 weeks
"Tapestry Loom: Fantastic Sale (ENDS MONDAY)," by ezuyokmirrix
Mirrix Looms 3 years 46 weeks
"Workshop Fail #3," by msthimble
comment: "Well, it was a good thought.," by LauraFry
3 Weave Fail 3 years 46 weeks
"Texas Fire - Help for Weavers/Knitters/Crocheters who lost their homes - Phoenix Rising Fiber Event," by debmcclintock
comment: "Addresses of shops gathering gifts for fire victems," by debmcclintock
1 Chat! 3 years 46 weeks
"Table loom," by nozpikr
comment: "Hi Leslie, I don't think I," by claudia
48 Weaving 3 years 46 weeks
"2 SHUTTLES NEEDED - OR 3?," by merrymac
comment: "HI Merrymac....you need two," by Su Butler
2 Weaving 101, Towels 3 years 46 weeks
"Wonderful pattern for weave-it type pin looms," by tapestryinterest
Small Loom Weaving, Unlocking the Secrets of Mini Loom Designing 3 years 46 weeks
"Reed "Cambridge" 4 Harness Loom," by kgreeley
comment: "If you have not already done," by Erica J
1 Weavolution Help 3 years 46 weeks
"Did you see these stripes?," by Karren K. Brito
comment: "Yep, I think random supp weft," by bolivian warmi
6 Stripemanics of Transylvania 3 years 46 weeks
"Rebozo bibliography," by Karren K. Brito
comment: "Textiles from Mexico, Chloe," by Karren K. Brito
3 Las Catrinas 3 years 46 weeks
"Pictures on iPad ," by Chillybuttes
comment: "Sadly, because the iPad's," by KatP
3 Weavolution Help 3 years 46 weeks
"FREE Macomber in Cocoa Florida!," by andsewon
Macomber Looms 3 years 46 weeks
"Yardage?," by weaversouth
comment: "I've done yardage for my own," by Claudia Segal
2 Weaving to Sell 3 years 46 weeks
"New Features Coming," by Helen S
comment: "I'm very intrigued! You might," by Badfaerie
13 WIF 'n Proof 3 years 46 weeks
"haven't received the download link," by weaversouth
comment: "The link was sent - should be," by Helen S
1 WIF 'n Proof 3 years 46 weeks
"First Tie-Up of my Laila - Is this as it should be?," by Mike
comment: "countermarch tie-up," by Joanne Hall
9 TOIKA & VARPA Loom Group 3 years 46 weeks
"Toika Laila," by Dawn McCarthy
comment: "Laila," by rlmarchand
2 Countermarche And Beyond, Loom repair, maintenance, renovation, TOIKA & VARPA Loom Group, Home Built Equipment 3 years 46 weeks
"Welcome!," by weavesmitten
comment: "Hello I am hoping to visit," by Claudia Segal
1 Two Sisters and Ewe Weavers 3 years 46 weeks
"Welcome," by Aunt Janet
Humboldt Handweavers and Spinners Guild 3 years 46 weeks