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"Sale of 35 year Weaving Collection," by Karen Donde
comment: "Did not find the infomation," by Michael White
1 Chat! 4 years 18 weeks
"Sale of Nettle Fiber from India.," by rajeev_rawat
For Sale or Trade 34 weeks 4 days
"SALE PENDING Glimakra Warping mill - like new 2.5/3 m," by Dawn McCarthy
For Sale or Trade 35 weeks 5 days
"Salutations and Celebrations," by Erica
comment: "Hi to the 3 of you, I'm glad," by Cathie Beckman
3 Weavolution News and Announcements 1 year 15 weeks
"salvage breakage," by spring k
comment: "temple and bobbins," by Joanne Hall
3 Weaving 3 weeks 2 days
"Salvage Threading," by jlread
comment: "If you only have a 4 shaft," by caloosa
6 Weaving 51 weeks 5 days
"Samoa/Tonga/Vanuatu," by MegWeaves
comment: "This is an aside, not," by MegWeaves
1 Downunder Weavers 4 years 18 weeks
"Sample warp 1 - differential shrinkage," by Dawn McCarthy
Revenge of the Shrunken Heads! 3 years 9 weeks
"Sampling and wet finishing help needed," by jander14indoor
comment: "After sampling, and if I find," by ReedGuy
5 Weaving 101 40 weeks 6 days
"Sampling linen/wool combination, twill on tabby ground cloth," by ReedGuy
comment: "So many gantastic things yoi," by Erica J
18 Daily Weaverliness 44 weeks 1 day
"sampling together," by weaversouth
Taqueté 4 years 18 weeks
"Sampling Weavo-Along!," by Erica
comment: "Erica, Wonderful idea! Good," by Cathie Beckman
20 Weave-along (WAL) 32 weeks 1 day
"Sampling wools to spin for weaving," by Virag
comment: "I haven't spun for cut pile," by jenadina
12 Weaving history: Cut pile, kilims, flatweaves, jajims techniques 4 years 18 weeks
"Sampling wools to spin for weaving," by Virag
comment: "Navajo rugs don't generally," by sgt_majorette
8 Weaving history: Cut pile, kilims, flatweaves, jajims techniques 4 years 18 weeks
"Sanjo Loom," by Patricia Connolly
Chat! 2 years 12 weeks
"Santa came early this year to Pleasant Valley," by Elk Ridge Orchard Studio
comment: "Nice!  :D  I'm sure you'll," by LauraFry
13 Weaving 2 years 49 weeks
"Santa Fe Weaving Teachers," by Cathie Beckman
comment: "Santa Fe?," by Kelly Range
9 Chat! 1 year 18 weeks
"Santa Specials extended until December 31," by laughingcloud
Cotton Clouds' Talk 2 years 48 weeks
"SAORI in Iowa in June!," by saorifun
comment: "Great oppotunities to," by SaoriSaltSpring
1 Saori Freestyle Weaving 4 years 18 weeks
"Sarah," by Michael White
comment: "Thank you, Michael," by Neshobe
1 Chat! 3 years 16 weeks
"Sari silk ribbon," by agneslionel
comment: "I have used mercerized," by EvaHall
2 Weaving 2 years 13 weeks
"Sateen Weave?," by sewderf
comment: "Sateen weave," by endorph
11 Textile Terminology 3 years 3 weeks
"Satin and clean cuts - learning basics," by debmcclintock
comment: " I am using Weaveit and," by debmcclintock
8 Weaving 4 years 18 weeks
"Satin threading - what else can I weave?," by cacolorado
comment: " any way you can put a wif up," by debmcclintock
14 Weaving 4 years 18 weeks
"Satin with basketweave selvedge troubles," by feltedbag
comment: "Yes, satin will curl.  But if," by Joanne Hall
9 Weaving 4 years 18 weeks

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