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"Request to add sticky topics in backstrap forum," by bolivian warmi
comment: "I made them sticky.  I have," by marian
2 Weavolution Help 5 years 11 weeks
"Requesting help identifying inherited loom," by LMK
comment: "Binder loom," by kgreeley
6 Weaving 25 weeks 2 days
"Resleying for rep weave," by illoominated
comment: "It might be better to keep," by Sally Orgren
1 Weaving 4 years 19 weeks
"Resolve to Warp Better!," by laughingcloud
Cotton Clouds' Talk 3 years 39 weeks
"Resources," by Claudia Segal
comment: "Books on Doubleweave," by thelmaweaves
11 The Double Dares 3 years 52 weeks
"Resources," by marga
comment: "Hi Marga, Go to the VAV," by Joanne Hall
1 Weaving 2 years 50 weeks
"Resources for a new weaver in Germany (Berlin)?," by tien
comment: " There are good suppliers in," by Sara von Tresckow
7 Weaving 4 years 27 weeks
"Resources for Dyeing," by Erica
comment: "Dyeing resources for Natural Dyes," by debmcclintock
3 Witch's Brew '13 1 year 51 weeks
"Resources for getting started," by Virag
comment: ""Woven Treasures" is the name," by Virag
3 Weaving history: Cut pile, kilims, flatweaves, jajims techniques 5 years 11 weeks
"Resources for identifying rug loom," by Cynthia
comment: "Hi Cynthia, I'm trying to," by Claudia Segal
3 Weaving 4 years 20 weeks
"Resources for Preparing Fibre for Spinning," by Erica
Witch's Brew '13 2 years 1 day
"Resources for Spinning," by Erica
comment: "a website and some videos," by kerstinfroberg
4 Witch's Brew '13 1 year 52 weeks
"Resources for Weaving," by Erica
Witch's Brew '13 1 year 51 weeks
"Resources sought - Barn loom," by loomyladi
comment: "Swedish looms," by kerstinfroberg
6 Chat! 2 years 9 weeks
"Resources tab added anew.," by Claudia Segal
Weavolution News and Announcements 5 years 11 weeks
"Resources!," by Erica
Witch's Brew '13 2 years 1 day
"Resources: Adding to Guild List," by NYGH
comment: "Thank you for your offer.  To," by claudia
5 Weavolution Help 5 years 11 weeks
"Respinning commercial wool for bs weaving...," by Virag
comment: "Hello Aunt Janet, I've also," by Kristina
92 Backstrap weaving 4 years 23 weeks
"Responses to rep hem question," by debmcclintock
Scarf borders & finishes 2 years 35 weeks
"Restoration questions & Results--FINISHED!!," by andsewon
comment: "Warp Beam Crank," by Michael White
96 Macomber Looms 2 years 3 weeks
"Restoring a Lillstina Swedish Floor Loom," by Sandy13
comment: "Fabulous! And welcome to weaving," by SallyE
39 Weaving 1 year 24 weeks
"Restoring an Union 36 Loom," by R. Huntley
comment: "Hi," by Michael White
7 Weavolution Help 14 weeks 21 hours
"Restoring Barn Loom," by Wren
comment: "Welcome," by Claudia Segal
1 Weaving 4 years 51 weeks
"Restoring early 1950's Danish countermarch loom," by chroniclers
comment: "I am going for the easiest," by sarahnopp
15 Loom repair, maintenance, renovation 2 years 16 weeks
"restoring loom questions," by JillLeeJones
comment: "try this group:," by kerstinfroberg
2 Weavolution Help 1 year 25 weeks