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"Pricing on scarfs," by Elk Ridge Orchard Studio
comment: "ttkjohn ," by 71Bear
33 Chat! 3 years 31 weeks
"Print Project Function Gone!," by kendrick43
comment: "Working on it," by claudia
1 Improving Weavolution 5 years 1 day
"print size," by kendrick43
comment: "Hi Lydia, The projects pages," by claudia
1 Improving Weavolution 5 years 2 weeks
"Prioritizing," by LauraFry
comment: "  I work 3 days a week, so on," by Alaire Rieffel
5 The Efficient Weaver 5 years 2 weeks
"PRISTINE DORSET Loom by FC Wood!," by greenspringcabin
comment: "More details please," by mariechapman819
4 For Sale or Trade 32 weeks 3 days
"Privacy Settings," by lkautio
comment: "Definitely confusing," by JJohnsII
3 Improving Weavolution 4 years 16 weeks
"Private Messages," by Peg in South Carolina
comment: "Hi Peg, We have had this," by claudia
1 Weavolution Help 5 years 2 days
"Private messaging is now available," by tien
comment: "Lovely!," by RuTemple
2 5 years 2 weeks
"Private messaging now works (but is hard to locate)," by tien
5 years 2 weeks
"Prize," by Karen
comment: "So did I, I love it!," by Penn
6 HalloWeave 3 years 24 weeks
"Prizes for HalloWeave participants," by Karren K. Brito
comment: "Fantastic Prizes to be Won!," by B P
1 HalloWeave 3 years 45 weeks
"Problem child project...need advice!," by Weaverchick007
comment: "If you warped front to back,," by Sara von Tresckow
8 Weaving 4 years 47 weeks
"Problem opening WIF files," by ilovefiber
comment: "Might depend on whether the," by ReedGuy
9 Weavolution Help 2 years 45 weeks
"Problem Uploading pictures in Firefox," by JJWalts
comment: "Firefox isn't totally," by Caroline
3 5 years 2 weeks
"Problem using warping mill," by Frances G.
comment: "6.5/2," by mrdubyah
8 Weaving 3 years 31 weeks
"Problem weaving with handspun," by Frances G.
comment: "Well, I think you are in for," by Aunt Janet
5 Weaving 3 years 28 weeks
"Problem with 19 shaft geometric.wif draft," by jeanb
comment: "Thanks for letting us know,," by ranvaig
2 5 years 2 weeks
"Problem with balanced weave on rigid heddle," by Raine59
comment: "Couple of things here. 1. The," by Sara von Tresckow
1 Rigid heddlers 1 year 25 weeks
"Problem with Gilmore 8 Harness Loom Tension," by Heather26
comment: "Looks like a jack loom, so I," by r1mein54
3 Weaving 3 years 21 weeks
"Problem with weaving," by tomrsey
comment: "Tom, You can try putting," by Michael White
2 Weaving 5 years 2 weeks
"Problems inserting pictures into comments," by louiseinoz
comment: "I had problems for months and," by bolivian warmi
17 Weavolution Help 3 years 3 weeks
"Problems posting comments .. again.," by Neshobe
comment: "It happens regularly.," by Neshobe
31 Improving Weavolution 3 years 15 weeks
"Problems sending and receiving messages," by Cathie Beckman
Improving Weavolution 1 year 46 weeks
"Problems tying up a Countermarch Floor Loom," by Gemma Elizabeth
comment: "Although I agree that the," by kerstinfroberg
7 Weaving 3 years 4 weeks
"Problems with a Baby Mac," by bibliotecaria
comment: "Your Baby," by Michael White
11 Macomber Looms 29 weeks 1 day