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"Norwood Spool Rack & Tension Box for sale (SOLD)," by BBurns
comment: "Norwood Tension Box," by bigwhitesofadog
2 For Sale or Trade 1 year 33 weeks
"Norwood Studio Loom for sale," by bkr
For Sale or Trade 1 year 37 weeks
"Norwood Tension Box: Sold," by Diane Roeder
comment: "Norwood Tension Box," by Diane Roeder
4 For Sale or Trade 1 year 7 weeks
"Norwood-built Cranbrook," by theresasc
comment: "assembly manual," by kathooks
2 Weaving 2 years 12 weeks
"not *exactly* a rebozo, but close...," by twistedfiber
comment: "How about some inkle type bands sewn on each edge.," by Karren K. Brito
4 Las Catrinas 2 years 46 weeks
"NOT AVAILABLE Fireside Fiber Arts Loom for Sale," by dljax
For Sale or Trade 1 year 43 weeks
"Not receiving email," by NRVweaver
comment: "CORRECTION - this did work," by NRVweaver
1 Weavolution Help 47 weeks 3 days
"Not too late for Christmas...yet!," by LauraFry
For Sale or Trade 1 year 42 weeks
"Not Weaving," by Cindy Jo
comment: "Very pretty Cindy Jo.  The," by claudia
3 Chat! 4 years 8 weeks
"Notes about the edgings for the Soumak pouches in WAL #8," by Noreen Crone-Findlay
Small Loom Weaving, Mirrix Looms 2 years 4 weeks
"Notes from a weaving class," by hlf
comment: "TY Heather! Kathy," by kwalker
2 Weaving 101 4 years 8 weeks
"Notes from First Online Class in Navajo Techniques," by MaryWalker
comment: "She can reach me through my," by MaryWalker
3 Navajo Weaving Techniques 4 years 8 weeks
"Notification of new posts in Groups," by Su Butler
comment: "I've never gotten," by ReedGuy
5 Improving Weavolution 2 years 31 weeks
"Notification of replies," by endorph
comment: "I'm starting to receive," by ReedGuy
12 Improving Weavolution 2 years 29 weeks
"Notifications," by Terry
comment: "Ok I found where I needed to," by Terry
1 Chat! 4 years 8 weeks
"notifications, - again," by Ellen
comment: "Hi Ellen, I will check this," by Claudia Segal
8 Improving Weavolution 3 years 10 weeks
"Notifications-- no box," by ingamarie
comment: "Marie, It is really the," by Alison
1 4 years 8 weeks
"Notifiying your group," by Mary Rios Lulich
comment: " that's a great request, I," by debmcclintock
2 Weavolution Help 4 years 8 weeks
"Novelty yarns," by Michael White
comment: "Great post. I've got the," by francorios
5 Weaving 4 years 8 weeks
"November 2012 meeting-different day and place," by LBKeeling
Mesilla Valley Weavers Las Cruces New Mexico 1 year 45 weeks
"Novice in need of advice," by sibelabmom
comment: "LeClerc loom," by kathy
10 Weaving 2 years 44 weeks
"Novice needs help," by mela12
comment: "Could be any numer of things. . . ," by SallyE
13 Weaving 1 year 44 weeks
"Novice request about weaving with linen," by agneslionel
comment: "Linen is a fiber like the," by Sara von Tresckow
3 Weaving 1 year 16 weeks
"Novice weaver with a little experience seeks advice/direction on floor loom," by ArtistInNature
comment: "fitting a loom," by lkautio
20 Weaving 2 years 32 weeks
"Now $200 Walnut Brittany Loom," by Rodrigo
For Sale or Trade 3 years 16 weeks