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"Quick and easy heddling techniques for Mirrix looms," by Noreen Crone-Findlay
Mirrix Looms 2 years 39 weeks
"Quick question: why chains on 2 shafts are longer than others?," by Annie 12
comment: "Can you post more pictures of," by sarahnopp
9 Weaving 1 year 50 weeks
"Quill shuttles?," by jon_weavetools
comment: "Since the cardboard quills," by Sara von Tresckow
5 Scandinavian Weavers 2 years 9 weeks
"Quilt Exhibition, Clare Plug, Napier, New Zealand," by MegWeaves
Downunder Weavers 4 years 39 weeks
"Rabbit weaving pattern wanted," by francorios
comment: "When we have you up and," by bolivian warmi
2 Backstrap weaving 4 years 39 weeks
"Rachet & Pawl on Ashford Loom," by wilowind
comment: "Hi Cathy, This should not," by Caroline
22 Rigid heddlers 1 year 23 weeks
"Raddle - make your own or rather DRILL your own," by debmcclintock
comment: "Wow, I always intended to," by sequel
10 DIY Looms and Tools 4 years 33 weeks
"Raddle made with 1/4" dowels.," by ReedGuy
comment: "This is Worst's raddle from," by ReedGuy
4 Home Built Equipment 3 years 10 weeks
"raddle vs. reed," by jmbennett
comment: "No need to change," by Joanne Hall
3 Weaving 6 weeks 5 days
"Raffia Placemats," by Frances G.
Weaving 2 years 19 weeks
"Raffia Placemats," by Frances G.
comment: "I referenced the article...," by Sally Orgren
2 Weaving 2 years 19 weeks
"Rag Cutters," by TheLoominary
comment: "cutter," by jenjscott
12 Home Built Equipment 32 weeks 3 days
"rag rug," by ilaine
comment: " I've made many, many rag," by suzyhok
24 Weaving 19 weeks 4 days
"Rag rug draw in question," by gus1280
comment: "You should not experience," by Su Butler
2 Weavolution Help 2 years 4 weeks
"Rag Rug Handbag," by steve104c
comment: "LIning a bag is not," by Sara von Tresckow
10 Weaving 3 years 47 weeks
"Rag Rug Handbag Instruction?," by steve104c
comment: "Hi Steve, You might take a," by Claudia Segal
5 Weaving 4 years 3 weeks
"Rag rug Loom information," by Kameron
comment: "not sure if the Glimakra," by [email protected]
4 Weavolution Help 3 years 1 week
"Rag Rug on a Table Loom?," by vparrish
comment: "HI Vicki....if the Jane is as," by Su Butler
4 Weaving 4 years 39 weeks
"rag rug stretcher device," by djfiberarts
comment: "You can read about temples," by Joanne Hall
4 Rag rug weaving 4 years 39 weeks
"Rag Rug Weaver," by Laralee Boyd
comment: "Hi Laralee, Have you a," by francorios
2 Rug Weavers 3 years 13 weeks
"Rag Rug Weaving in New Mexico," by paxnea
comment: "EVFAC's Website," by paxnea
1 Rag rug weaving 3 years 25 weeks
"Rag Rug weaving on a Jack Loom?," by ridinteacher
comment: " The loom needs to be heavy," by claudia
12 Rag rug weaving 2 years 47 weeks
"Rag Rug Weaving: Apr 25-27 at Vermont Weaving School," by Dena
Classes and Workshops 1 year 5 weeks
"Rag Rug Weft Prep," by Mary Rios Lulich
comment: "So, after you decided on the," by claudia
2 Rag rug weaving 4 years 39 weeks
"Rag rugs," by djfiberarts
comment: "Denim on the rigid heddle: ," by NancyN
23 Rigid heddlers 4 years 39 weeks