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"Thanks and more news," by Alison
comment: "Site-seer," by Slipstream
6 Weavolution News and Announcements 4 years 38 weeks
"Fly shuttle," by neweaver
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6 Countermarche And Beyond, Loom repair, maintenance, renovation 3 years 21 weeks
"Looking for instructor to teach Handpainted Warps Workshop," by msthimble
comment: "Kathrin Weber for warp painting," by tommye scanlin
6 New York Area Weavers 3 years 6 days
"Crisis is the norm???," by Dena
comment: "Oh, absolutely.  It seems I," by LauraFry
6 Professional Weavers 2 years 47 weeks
"Deen Loom help," by weavebird1
comment: "Warping Deen Loom," by animalcrackers55
6 Weaving 2 years 43 weeks
"posting to groups ," by weaversouth
comment: "Join the group and then," by marian
6 Weavolution Help 5 years 19 weeks
"Threading reed using multiple threads per slot," by dcannatella
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6 Weaving 101 3 years 9 weeks
"Starting a business.," by steve104c
comment: "I can recommend Laura Fry's," by Amelia Garripoli
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"Mystery tapestry loom," by Jaci Siehl
comment: "Can you blow up the images a," by sarahnopp
6 Weaving 3 years 26 weeks
"Prize," by Karen
comment: "So did I, I love it!," by Penn
6 HalloWeave 3 years 41 weeks
"Blogging Q&A," by blossommerz
comment: " I'm curious... have any of," by tommye scanlin
6 Weavers Who Blog 5 years 1 week
"Guatamalan Alfombras," by Chasinmendo
comment: "Beautiful pictures! I guess," by bolivian warmi
6 Bay Area Weavers & Spinners, Small Loom Weaving, Tapestry Weavers, Inkle and Tablet weaving, In the Spin, Las Catrinas, Rug Weavers, Ethnic Styles and Textures 3 years 31 weeks
"Store closing, very sad ," by sarahnopp
comment: "that is very sad.," by naturalfibres
6 Chat! 4 years 28 weeks
"Wet finishing yarn before or after weaving?," by Erica J
comment: "wet finishing," by Weavingholiday
6 In the Spin 2 years 5 weeks
"Weaving Loom / Floor Loom needed for film," by cranewife
comment: "It would help if we knew your," by kerstinfroberg
6 Weaving 4 years 40 weeks
"Towel history," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "Towel history," by Joanne Hall
6 Chat! 4 years 12 weeks
"Stitches near Chicago this weekend!," by debmcclintock
comment: "Hey Deb, I am very curious if," by claudia
6 Chat! 5 years 14 weeks
"Help ID a loom," by warhorse
comment: "For loom information," by Joanne Hall
6 Weaving 3 years 21 weeks
"Advancing twill curves on 4 shafts," by crosstownshuttler
comment: "I want to try that pattern. ," by chuck19836
6 Complex Weaves on 4 Shafts 4 years 42 weeks
"Wonderful Web Site," by Sara von Tresckow
comment: "Thank you for posting this! ," by Virag
6 Weaving history: Cut pile, kilims, flatweaves, jajims techniques 5 years 19 weeks
"Twill rug p.p,i.," by 1gardenia
comment: "Wool rug," by Joanne Hall
6 Weaving 3 years 1 week
"Article in Handwoven march/april 2004," by Manicgirl
comment: "You might be able to find it," by lkautio
6 Weaving 5 years 19 weeks
"Tracking," by ponyexpress
comment: " Your loom and sett choices," by Sara von Tresckow
6 Weaving 5 years 19 weeks
"question about Weavepoint software," by TinaHilton
comment: "Duh.  I should have figured," by TinaHilton
6 Weaving 5 years 19 weeks
"Glimåkra - what to do with extra pieces," by Jeannie
comment: "Yes you can leave them on," by Dawn McCarthy
6 Weaving 44 weeks 1 day