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"mug rugs," by charline
comment: "hi charline,have you," by jeannine
5 Weaving 3 years 39 weeks
"Small Head," by jemwork
comment: " Interesting personality you," by tommye scanlin
5 Tapestry Weavers 3 years 39 weeks
"Monk's Belt, drafts and CB loom," by Woodburner
comment: "In my opinion, *anything*," by LauraFry
5 Weaving 2 years 9 weeks
"Weaving with Lavender," by runamuckweaving
comment: "We did a Guild rigid heddle," by Sue Prior
5 Wire, sticks and straw.... 3 years 39 weeks
"Reed Rack," by mrdubyah
comment: "Very nice," by Adinkracom
5 Home Built Equipment 1 year 8 weeks
"Fern Devlin," by Eva
comment: "so sorry to hear this.," by LauraFry
5 Chat! 2 years 30 weeks
"napkins," by spring k
comment: "I don't see a problem with," by pammersw
5 Weaving 8 weeks 4 days
"Two Harness Fairloom," by heyjewel
comment: "Write to Janet Meany at," by Su Butler
5 Weavolution Help 2 years 3 weeks
"WeavingBlog.com??," by Peg.Cherre
comment: "So they aggregate blogs of a," by sarahnopp
5 Weaving 42 weeks 2 days
"An unknown gadget!," by seamer45
comment: "Mystery," by seamer45
5 Chat! 1 year 38 weeks
"Got my DBA," by steve104c
comment: "Congratulations - good luck," by LauraFry
5 Weaving 3 years 3 weeks
"Homemade warping frame," by Debbie NC
comment: "very nice," by endorph
5 Home Built Equipment 2 years 7 weeks
"Boat shuttles: open vs. closed bottom," by celtinbirks
comment: "One of the pros of the open," by Alison
5 Weaving 3 years 1 week
"Guilty weaving?," by theresasc
comment: "My dilemma, too!," by Sally Orgren
5 Chat! 24 weeks 5 days
"Help with threading for shaft switching," by Queezle
comment: "duh..," by Queezle
5 Weaving 23 weeks 3 days
"Its Monday, its April and we've completed our move," by Sara von Tresckow
comment: "New space," by Joanne Hall
5 Chat! 2 years 2 weeks
"Warping class then Tartan Class!," by Elk Ridge Orchard Studio
comment: "Great!," by Erica J
5 Chat! 2 years 10 weeks
"Shared Visions: Nature in Textiles -- fiber exhibit in Asheville, NC, USA," by tommye scanlin
comment: "Hi Tommye, Thanks for posting," by claudia
5 Weaving 3 years 39 weeks
"How to cut off sample and then continue weaving," by Diva Sharon
comment: "There are several ways to do," by Sara von Tresckow
5 Weaving 2 years 20 weeks
"6" weavette," by kathkol
comment: "Hi Kathkol, I don't know much," by Caroline
5 Small Loom Weaving 3 years 39 weeks
"Events and Looms, oh my," by Claudia Segal
comment: " Claudia, should those of us," by debmcclintock
5 Weavolution News and Announcements 3 years 39 weeks
"antique loom," by Denise1963
comment: "Antiq. Loom," by steve104c
5 Weavolution Help 2 years 42 weeks
"home built weaving bench," by r1mein54
comment: "bench," by jenjscott
5 Home Built Equipment 2 years 12 weeks
"I'd like to see thread subscriptions...," by jenadina
comment: "We really appreciate it when," by ranvaig
5 Improving Weavolution 3 years 39 weeks
"Finished product from Natural Dyes," by debmcclintock
comment: "Beautiful, beautiful subtle," by B P
5 Natural Dye Color - Extracts, Dyestuff and Pigments 2 years 27 weeks