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"Beginner- Sectional Warping vs Warping Board?," by twospiritdesigns
comment: "Herald conversion," by sequel
5 Weaving 2 years 12 weeks
"The Dog Ate My Homework!," by Dawn McCarthy
comment: "Sounds like you need a," by LauraFry
5 Revenge of the Shrunken Heads! 3 years 42 weeks
"Harris Tweeds," by weaversouth
comment: "Can you contact your 'local'," by LauraFry
5 Weaving 5 years 1 week
"Substituting 3/2 with 10/2 question," by Hollyann
comment: "think about final weight of your placemats," by Dena
5 Weaving 101 2 years 46 weeks
""Curled" Edges," by Monica Bellas
comment: "A photo would be great if you," by Sally Orgren
5 Weaving 4 years 34 weeks
"Toika Tabby Tie-up -- finding balance for treadles," by Missus T.
comment: "Try tying the inner four," by Sara von Tresckow
5 TOIKA & VARPA Loom Group 42 weeks 3 days
"Harrisville Loom broken brake line?," by ellenmm
comment: "ratchet & pawl or friction?," by sequel
5 Loom repair, maintenance, renovation 2 years 4 weeks
"spring replacement older (1990's) avl," by awoventhought
comment: "I'd just go to the hardware," by LauraFry
5 AVL 30 weeks 3 days
"Dyeing Yarn for Sectional Warping," by allisonkrz
comment: "On my Macomber, I almost always use the sectional beam.," by mneligh
5 Weaving 1 year 50 weeks
"twisted warp," by paulz
comment: "twisting," by sequel
5 Weaving 3 years 19 weeks
"Clearing up a few things," by Michael White
comment: "I was a bit confused about," by pammersw
5 Georgia Yarn Company 25 weeks 5 days
"Looking for ideas and help spreading the Weavolution," by Claudia Segal
comment: "I don't know if this helps,," by jenadina
5 Weavolutionaries 5 years 1 week
"Draw in," by midwifehc
comment: "A temple will definitely help," by LauraFry
5 Weaving 2 years 16 weeks
"How to add a floating selvage after the fact," by twoquinns
comment: "Adding a FS," by big white sofa dog
5 Weavolution Help 28 weeks 3 days
"Stainless Steel Reeds," by Peg.Cherre
comment: "I went ahead and bought a," by r1mein54
5 Weaving 3 years 30 weeks
"How to keep temple teeth from marring beater?," by deanne62
comment: "Bad Beater," by big white sofa dog
5 Weaving 46 weeks 22 hours
"2/20 cashmere wool," by NancyS
comment: "Your 10 dent reed is far too," by Sara von Tresckow
5 Rigid heddlers 3 years 32 weeks
"Can you recard old tops?," by Erica
comment: "Yes," by Mystic Handworks
5 Witch's Brew '13 1 year 40 weeks
"Philosophy and Experimenting," by lkautio
comment: "  Dear Laurie,   I loved the," by msthimble
5 Weave Fail 5 years 1 week
"Fine wool threads," by Chillybuttes
comment: "Do it back to front. If you," by Sara von Tresckow
5 Weaving 2 years 43 weeks
"first rag rug," by dizzylizzy
comment: "loosen tension?," by steve104c
5 Weaving 4 years 7 weeks
"what to you use on the end of handwoven shoelaces," by catseye03
comment: "Super Glue," by mrdubyah
5 Weaving 3 years 24 weeks
"Sewing with handwovens," by ilovefiber
comment: "Please tell us more," by Erica
5 Chat! 2 years 36 weeks
"first forum post - bug or cockpit error?," by kbird
comment: "Note to myself (*grin*) ...," by kbird
5 5 years 1 week
"ny medlem :-)," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "Definition av vadmal," by dteaj
5 Vadmal (fulled woollen cloth) 4 years 48 weeks