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"What system for warp beam release from front?," by celtinbirks
comment: "Some of these looms came with," by Sara von Tresckow
4 TOIKA & VARPA Loom Group 2 years 32 weeks
"Info on a John A. Thulin & Co, Sweden Loom," by Nosnah5
comment: "Swedish loom," by cottageweaver
4 Weaving 40 weeks 1 day
"Mixing cotton and cotton/poly warps," by weaver1126
comment: "I had the same question," by Jenny G. Hill
4 Rag rug weaving 9 weeks 3 days
"private selling/trades at Convergence," by weaversouth
comment: "Nancy, Happy New Year! What," by Michael White
4 For Sale or Trade 4 years 4 days
"% of sales," by LauraFry
comment: "Sounds to me like a good," by claudia
4 WEAVEmeet :: Handweaving Merchants Online 4 years 4 days
"What a find!," by DianneStucki
comment: "wow! I can't believe you," by bolivian warmi
4 Backstrap weaving 4 years 4 days
"Indian Gauze Scarf Questions," by francorios
comment: "I've seen scarves very," by Caroline
4 Weaving 3 years 15 weeks
"Easy sampling?," by jenna
comment: "Hi Jenna, I have tried," by Claudia Segal
4 Chat! 3 years 34 weeks
"A word on copyright," by admin
comment: "How are you expecting us to," by amyfibre
4 Weavolution News and Announcements 4 years 4 days
"Uploading Photos, achieving a zoom view," by Sally Orgren
comment: "  Greetings, Warped Ones! ," by msthimble
4 Weavolution Help 4 years 4 days
"First drawloom warp," by cottageweaver
comment: "Congratulations,," by Joanne Hall
4 Double Harness Weaving, Drawloom Weaving 2 years 4 weeks
"Drall pulleys," by Jeannie
comment: "In Sweden, of course ;-)," by kerstinfroberg
4 For Sale or Trade 3 years 4 weeks
"Douglas Andrew Counterbalance floor loom - questions," by Matty Smith
comment: "shadow weave," by w178
4 Weaving 1 year 9 weeks
"rag rug stretcher device," by djfiberarts
comment: "You can read about temples," by Joanne Hall
4 Rag rug weaving 4 years 4 days
"Raddle made with 1/4" dowels.," by ReedGuy
comment: "This is Worst's raddle from," by ReedGuy
4 Home Built Equipment 2 years 22 weeks
"Shafts hanging too low, what have I done wrong?," by on.niche
comment: "Check either The Big Book of," by Sara von Tresckow
4 Weaving 2 years 15 weeks
"Meetup with other Weavolution members," by Claudia Segal
comment: "I find that I am going to," by CraftinSusan
4 Weavolution News and Announcements 4 years 4 days
"classes/workshops "centre"," by weaversouth
comment: "We have posted an Events," by claudia
4 Improving Weavolution 4 years 4 days
"air-lift," by weaversouth
comment: "I have the air assist for," by LauraFry
4 AVL 4 years 4 days
"My new best friend? - used AVL Home loom," by Margery
comment: "Smart looking Loom! I know," by B P
4 Weaving 2 years 42 weeks
"Uploading Drafts," by Threshkin
comment: "You should have the option to," by Badfaerie
4 Improving Weavolution 3 years 10 weeks
"Warping board tension," by jessiesurber
comment: "Warping board stripes....," by jessiesurber
4 Weaving 34 weeks 1 day
"Union 36 Rug Loom," by CedarHillWovens
comment: "If the rust is on the reed,," by Claudia Segal
4 Weaving 2 years 29 weeks
"Can't post project, system won't find AVL Full Frame Production Dobby," by Chasinmendo
comment: "I have been," by endorph
4 Weavolution Help 2 years 31 weeks
"Sprang Resources ," by francorios
comment: "What a great start," by endorph
4 SPRANG - A Twisted Adventure 22 weeks 6 days