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"Loom Issues," by Threadsz
comment: "Thank you, Bonnie.  That's a," by Threadsz
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"term usage, old or modern? (terms from Burnham)," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "I always thought "draught" to," by kerstinfroberg
7 Textile Terminology 2 years 34 weeks
"New kid on the block...," by FiberEcstasy
comment: "Tapestry Loom. ," by steve104c
7 Chat! 3 years 38 weeks
"Wish Laura Fry Happy Birthday," by Claudia Segal
comment: "Happy Birthday Laura. Hope," by Lauries
7 Chat! 4 years 13 weeks
"Selvedges," by LauraFry
comment: "Thanks Laura," by endorph
7 Chat! 2 years 35 weeks
"the "scambled letters verification"," by weaversouth
comment: "psssst!!!!," by WeaverDave
7 Improving Weavolution 2 years 47 weeks
"Misrepresentations on ebay," by weaversouth
comment: "Hi Nancy, Thanks for the," by claudia
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"Vävbeskrivningar på Riksföreningens sida," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "Tak for en interessant," by Ellen
7 Scandinavian Weavers 3 years 21 weeks
"Photo of loom with aprons attached?," by Frederika
comment: "Artisat loom aprons," by Bonnie Inouye
7 Weaving 1 year 52 weeks
"Floor loom newbie question, again: best shuttle?," by minnimom
comment: "I don't think there is a best," by Badfaerie
7 Weaving 101 2 years 42 weeks
"Need help to identify a loom also," by kolybl
comment: "gallagher table loom," by MaryMartha
7 Weavolution Help 8 weeks 4 days
"Anyone have experience with Spectra or Kevlar?," by Chasinmendo
comment: "Are you looking for," by Badfaerie
7 Weaving 2 years 38 weeks
"How to Clean a Norwood Loom," by Isis
comment: "Yes, Watco makes several," by pammersw
7 Loom repair, maintenance, renovation 13 weeks 4 days
"Method for unwinding a warp chain," by twoquinns
comment: "There is a cross," by twoquinns
7 Weaving 41 weeks 4 days
"Machine Wash Rag Rugs?," by celtinbirks
comment: "Hi Candace," by Michael White
7 Weaving 3 years 25 weeks
"how to keep knots in rayon yarn?," by donnalavallee
comment: "A doubled overhand knot?," by kerstinfroberg
7 Weaving 2 years 21 weeks
"moving a baby wolf loom- advice please!," by athensweaver
comment: "Yeah, you gotta get the," by TinaHilton
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"three heddles on a harp," by WeavesToo
comment: " Thanks, mm I am starting to," by WeavesToo
7 Kromski Rigid Heddle Weavers 4 years 13 weeks
"which reed?," by ilaine
comment: "I'd use the 10.  I don't," by tien
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"2 projects finished," by tomrsey
comment: "Here is the towel.," by tomrsey
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"new project ?'s," by vvagogo
comment: " That's a tough question.  I," by claudia
7 Weaving 4 years 13 weeks
"A raddle or ??????," by borthober
comment: "are they staggered?," by debmcclintock
7 Chat! 3 years 51 weeks
"Framing," by suzyhok
comment: "framing for tapestry," by tommye scanlin
7 Tapestry Weavers 2 years 51 weeks
"CD4?," by cacolorado
comment: "I bought it as an upgrade,," by tien
7 AVL 2 years 12 weeks
"Calulation for 2 yd warping mill?? ," by TNWEAVE
comment: "It looks like you want to," by lkautio
7 Weaving 101 4 years 13 weeks

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