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"ability to view unread topics," by Lizbuppers
comment: "Aarrgghh, never mind, never," by Lizbuppers
6 Improving Weavolution 4 years 35 weeks
"ISO 48 inch, 8 harness, Cranbrook (California)," by katholoch
comment: "details?," by katholoch
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"Ending a backstrap piece," by janh
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6 Backstrap weaving 4 years 35 weeks
"Almost done...," by Weavejoyforall
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6 Daily Weaverliness 2 years 2 weeks
"Inkle Pick-up class success!," by ruthmacgregor
comment: "me too!," by jemwork
6 Weaving 3 years 35 weeks
"Welcome to Sprang'ers Web 2012," by francorios
comment: "Sounds like fun!," by Vicki Allen
6 Sprang'ers Web 2012 2 years 21 weeks
"Sectional beam," by Sues
comment: "sectional beam," by theresasc
6 Counterbalance Loom Owners 2 years 42 weeks
"New weaver - which loom?," by Spurfy
comment: "Rigid Heddles are fun looms," by sarahnopp
6 Weaving 1 year 40 weeks
"Do I need to double my warp for wool rugs?," by Stormdoor
comment: "Wool Rugs," by big white sofa dog
6 Weaving 36 weeks 1 day
"Looking for advice on weaving software for fine threads," by M McLaughlin
comment: "Software for fine threads," by danteen
6 Weaving 49 weeks 5 days
"Woven Treasures book," by ingamarie
comment: "I took Sara's class that," by Alison
6 Weaving 4 years 35 weeks
"Varpapuu loom question," by lkautio
comment: "All of those old European CM," by Sara von Tresckow
6 Weaving 3 years 43 weeks
"stockrose?," by jeannine
comment: "Looks like a hollyhock to me,," by Little Meadows
6 It's a Great Day to Dye 4 years 35 weeks
"On learning to spin ...," by Amelia Garripoli
comment: "I'm a relatively new spinner," by esmesmom
6 In the Spin 4 years 35 weeks
"Help ID a loom," by warhorse
comment: "For loom information," by Joanne Hall
6 Weaving 2 years 37 weeks
"When / how to tie on a new warp," by SallyE
comment: "This post is really," by teoasnam
6 Double Harness Weaving, Drawloom Weaving 17 weeks 4 days
"Project page loses loom information," by lagomorph
comment: "Thanks, I'll look into this.," by admin
6 4 years 35 weeks
"Help with Triple Weave Project," by TMiller
comment: "I've not done one, but," by pammersw
6 Weaving 1 year 5 weeks
"Help identifying a vintage floor loom," by flekka
comment: "http://www.camillavalleyfarm.," by Cadenza
6 Weaving 1 year 16 weeks
"Bamboo as a warp thread," by Mike
comment: "How tightly is it spun?  I've," by LauraFry
6 Georgia Yarn Company 2 years 50 weeks
"WAL anyone?," by Caroline
comment: "hi Claudia, Now you have," by Caroline
6 Rigid heddlers 4 years 35 weeks
"Why did I start to weave?," by r1mein54
comment: "Lovely.  Welcome to the," by LauraFry
6 Chat! 3 years 20 weeks
"Warping with alternating colors," by Bennett
comment: "I find the cross holds the," by ReedGuy
6 Weaving 1 year 26 weeks
"Harrisville model c-22," by bbkirk
comment: "loom," by bbkirk
6 Weavolution Help 2 years 43 weeks
"Handweavers Sale," by tomrsey
comment: "I went to the sale," by tomrsey
6 Chat! 4 years 35 weeks