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"Norwood Tension Box: Sold," by Diane Roeder
comment: "Norwood Tension Box," by Diane Roeder
4 For Sale or Trade 1 year 8 weeks
"Weaving with bamboo thread," by sfavela
comment: "it sounds like your cotton," by villageweaver
4 Weaving 4 years 9 weeks
"Understanding Rayon Chenille," by Su Butler
comment: "And I might add that this," by tien
4 For Sale or Trade 4 years 9 weeks
"Weft-faced or warp-faced fabrics," by Pango
comment: "If you want to do simulation," by Sara von Tresckow
4 WIF 'n Proof 2 years 29 weeks
comment: "loom for sale," by ambasatrvl
4 For Sale or Trade 2 years 46 weeks
"Listings for group administrators," by bolivian warmi
comment: "Hi Laverne - I had to do a," by kbird
4 Improving Weavolution 4 years 9 weeks
"Finally, After 40 years," by Pamela Hunt
comment: "Thanks Cathie!," by Pamela Hunt
4 Tapestry Weavers 2 years 25 weeks
"Fibre Guilds in your area," by Erica J
comment: "Hi there Jeanne-Marie from," by Jeanne-Marie
4 SCA Weavers 4 years 9 weeks
"Treadling the hemstitching," by tien
comment: "Hi Tien, nice idea, may I," by debmcclintock
4 The Efficient Weaver 4 years 9 weeks
"inkle, band weaving," by Aunt Janet
comment: "Whoo-hoo! Congratulations on," by dtjacobson
4 Small Loom Weaving 4 years 6 weeks
"weaving fiction," by Deanna
comment: "The Lady and the Unicorn," by Queezle
4 Weaving literature 38 weeks 1 day
"Itsy-teensy fringe," by weaversouth
comment: "PS braiding and knotting so," by weaversouth
4 Weaving 4 years 9 weeks
"shadow weave," by DJCNOR
comment: "erm - well .. ..   I've no," by Thumper70
4 UK weavers 4 years 9 weeks
"have collapse weave book -dont know how to use it," by davasdu
comment: "Since this has gone," by Little Meadows
4 Weaving 4 years 9 weeks
"Mary had a little loom...," by MaryMartha
comment: "Soft focus is always," by LauraFry
4 Chat! 3 years 48 weeks
"Help needed with counting threads," by Mck.lrcq@gmail.com
comment: "It's better," by SallyE
4 Weavolution Help 1 year 27 weeks
"Schacht Rigid Heddle Loom with Stand," by gotpooch
comment: "Hi I assume this is the rigid," by claudia
4 For Sale or Trade 4 years 9 weeks
"Auction #1: Laura Fry handwoven towels," by Weavo admin
comment: "My bid start is $50. Deb Mc," by debmcclintock
4 Weavolution News and Announcements 3 years 25 weeks
"floating warp threads," by Jeane
comment: "I'm hoping ," by SallyE
4 Weaving 2 years 21 weeks
"Comb recommendation?," by jordanj
comment: " Hi, There are a number of," by Alison
4 In the Spin 4 years 6 weeks
"sourcing of silk," by sanbibi
comment: "Check out ," by Michael White
4 Weaving 11 weeks 4 days
"FS: Cranbrook & Norwood Looms in Michigan," by Mary Rios Lulich
comment: "I am in the Northwest and have a 45" cherry Norwood loom ," by Carolyn G.
4 For Sale or Trade 1 year 37 weeks
"About Me is truncated," by fibermeister
comment: "Yes - we filed a bug about," by admin
4 4 years 9 weeks
"How to use "my stash", and projects, and identify old yarn.," by Queezle
comment: "Yes, Yes, and Yes," by Erica
4 Weavolution Help 1 year 21 weeks
"floor loom wanted. Adelaide, South Australia," by Shaz101
comment: "Hi Shaz, are you a member of," by Andy_SA
4 For Sale or Trade 36 weeks 2 days