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"Backstrap loom - Red Stripe Bookmark," by francorios
comment: "Hi Franco, So this is what," by bolivian warmi
6 Backstrap weaving 4 years 39 weeks
"Looking for ideas," by Jeanne-Marie
comment: "Thank you for sharing that," by francorios
6 SCA Weavers 4 years 15 weeks
"Loomettes," by illoominated
comment: "I'm interested. Have a good," by francorios
6 Weavolution Help 3 years 2 weeks
"Weavolution Miche Bag?," by Erica J
comment: "Image problems," by Erica J
6 Chat! 3 years 25 weeks
"Glimakra Standard, 59-inch, 10H-10T - priced to sell!," by thistlelooms
comment: "a few questions," by [email protected]
6 For Sale or Trade 47 weeks 3 days
"Cardboard spinning wheel/charkha," by francorios
comment: "I didn't proof read well," by francorios
6 DIY Looms and Tools 4 years 16 weeks
"Valkyrie, Norms, and weaving.," by Chasinmendo
comment: "A description of the," by kerstinfroberg
6 Bay Area Weavers & Spinners, Small Loom Weaving, Inkle and Tablet weaving, Dobby looms, In the Spin, eTextiles, Weaving to Sell, Las Catrinas, Textile Terminology, Ethnic Styles and Textures 2 years 23 weeks
"Need held with Davison Pattern book," by Claudia Segal
comment: "Generally overshot patterns," by LauraFry
6 Weaving 3 years 9 weeks
"ability to view unread topics," by Lizbuppers
comment: "Aarrgghh, never mind, never," by Lizbuppers
6 Improving Weavolution 4 years 39 weeks
"ISO rigid heddle loom," by carebear4890
comment: "rigid heddle," by Mary vT
6 For Sale or Trade 46 weeks 5 days
"best yarn for beginners," by maomac
comment: "Was there a reason you didn't," by LauraFry
6 Weaving 46 weeks 5 days
"Interesting shuttle-need help," by Peg.Cherre
comment: "My understanding," by SallyE
6 Weaving 2 years 3 weeks
"Nettle for spinnng," by ingamarie
comment: "hi Marie, Try the shops that," by Caroline
6 Weaving 4 years 39 weeks
"Winding and tieing on warp with even tension-Baby Wolf," by yarncrazy
comment: "When you tie onto the cloth," by dtjacobson
6 Schacht Looms 1 year 39 weeks
"new to weaving looking for resources on everything," by Boudicea Farm
comment: "Learning to Warp your Loom," by Joanne Hall
6 HalloWeave 2 years 34 weeks
"4 harness patterns on 8 harness loom," by joanlvh
comment: "you can think of your 8 shaft," by debmcclintock
6 Weavolution Help 3 years 44 weeks
"AVL 16 harness mechanical dobby loom," by David95436
comment: "Message #3, by the original," by pammersw
6 For Sale or Trade 20 weeks 6 days
"REDUCED PRICING $1/pound - Alice Griswold - East Lansing, MI by appt.," by Mary Rios Lulich
comment: "Thanks Mary for posting the," by jennybellairs
6 Michigan Weavers 4 years 39 weeks
"Can't get my private messages!," by Chasinmendo
comment: "You might be clicking the," by ReedGuy
6 Weavolution Help 2 years 29 weeks
"Waffle/honeycomb, doubleweave on 8 shafts," by ladytj1754
comment: "You can use a 4 shaft whig," by ReedGuy
6 Weaving 8 weeks 5 days
"Larger pictures," by SallyE
comment: "Picture sizes are limited to," by Claudia Segal
6 Weavolution Help 3 years 34 weeks
"Can you buy fine bamboo fibre to weave with??," by MegWeaves
comment: "I don't know but I shall," by MegWeaves
6 Downunder Weavers 4 years 39 weeks
"Handweavers Sale," by tomrsey
comment: "I went to the sale," by tomrsey
6 Chat! 4 years 39 weeks
"Storing/displaying yarns," by SandraJB
comment: "Top Shelf," by Sally Orgren
6 Chat! 2 years 35 weeks
"Crisis is the norm???," by Dena
comment: "Oh, absolutely.  It seems I," by LauraFry
6 Professional Weavers 2 years 15 weeks