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"Calulation for 2 yd warping mill?? ," by TNWEAVE
comment: "It looks like you want to," by lkautio
7 Weaving 101 4 years 14 weeks
"Using cotton mop," by Wendelene
comment: "Triming Yarn," by Michael White
7 Rug Weavers 2 years 33 weeks
"Oxaback Lilla," by midwifehc
comment: "Contact Sara Von Trescow at," by Dawn McCarthy
7 Weaving 18 weeks 4 days
"Resources for a new weaver in Germany (Berlin)?," by tien
comment: " There are good suppliers in," by Sara von Tresckow
7 Weaving 3 years 30 weeks
"timing of classes," by weaversouth
comment: "Thanks for the feedback," by Claudia Segal
7 Classes and Workshops 4 years 3 weeks
"Warping front to back and threading pattern," by yarncrazy
comment: "In a word, yes.  Keep the," by LauraFry
7 Schacht Looms 1 year 34 weeks
"Great Group Idea......," by Cheryl'B
comment: "There is a," by endorph
7 Daily Spider 2012 2 years 3 weeks
"Woot! Woot! My WeaveZine article's been published!!," by tien
comment: "Great article. It's a great," by francorios
7 Weaving 4 years 14 weeks
"Maybe it's just me, but ," by WeaverDave
comment: "Well, I have tried," by kerstinfroberg
7 Improving Weavolution 3 years 38 weeks
"How to Clean a Norwood Loom," by Isis
comment: "Yes, Watco makes several," by pammersw
7 Loom repair, maintenance, renovation 14 weeks 6 days
"Two heddles, one draft and ...," by Claudia Segal
comment: "Great idea! I just posted it," by jahanara
7 Weave-along (WAL) 4 years 14 weeks
"Warning about using plastic jugs with water for weights," by jennybellairs
comment: "I'm actually used to bricks," by Sara von Tresckow
7 Weaving 3 years 11 weeks
"three heddles on a harp," by WeavesToo
comment: " Thanks, mm I am starting to," by WeavesToo
7 Kromski Rigid Heddle Weavers 4 years 14 weeks
"Threads In Action - Quarterly Journal 1970," by francorios
comment: "Threads In Action," by francorios
7 Chat! 3 years 22 weeks
"Help us understand how you use the site!," by Erica
comment: "I'm sorry Erica, I'm not," by Cathie Beckman
7 Improving Weavolution 1 year 10 weeks
"HalloWeave," by Bonnie Inouye
comment: "Your welcome! Thank you for," by EMJ
7 Improving Weavolution 2 years 37 weeks
"Untreated looms," by ryashani
comment: "I haven't done anything with," by Erica
7 Weaving 2 years 7 weeks
"Shelf for CM loom?," by celtinbirks
comment: "Under the bench?," by SallyE
7 Weaving 2 years 36 weeks
"Pillow Talk," by Weavin Steven
comment: "I am no," by endorph
7 Weaving 1 year 39 weeks
"Framing," by suzyhok
comment: "framing for tapestry," by tommye scanlin
7 Tapestry Weavers 3 years 1 week
"Warp next to the edge," by Momtodandt
comment: "You usually," by endorph
7 Rigid heddlers 40 weeks 1 day
"different thickness warping threads," by paulz
comment: "weaving handspun," by Thresel
7 Weaving 1 year 18 weeks
"Wrapping Up 2011," by Erica
comment: "Thanks so much for the," by suzyhok
7 Stripemanics of Transylvania, Revenge of the Shrunken Heads!, The Double Dares, Las Catrinas, Spook Of The Loom, Witch's Brew, Demon Seamstress of Fleet Street!, Sprang-er's Web, The Daily Spider 2 years 47 weeks
"Craft Revival Information," by Claudia Segal
comment: "This is GREAT! Thanks for," by Sally Orgren
7 Chat! 4 years 14 weeks
"Fringe twisting - before or after wet finishing?," by handspunhandwoven
comment: "I always do whatever fringe," by Amelia Garripoli
7 Weaving 3 years 44 weeks

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