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"American Tapestry Alliance online article," by tommye scanlin
comment: "A good read," by Liese
6 Tapestry Weavers 1 year 46 weeks
"Need Help Creating An Inkle Weaving Pattern," by GrannyMaggie
comment: "two shaft," by Vicki Allen
6 Weaving 3 years 34 weeks
"Help with draft," by BorianaKostova
comment: "Could you tell us the draft," by debmcclintock
6 Weaving 3 years 9 weeks
"Alice Schlein's new book," by weaversouth
comment: "It's on my "Order Today"," by lkautio
6 Dobby looms 4 years 18 weeks
"my brain is fried...yarns....setts...etc...advice?," by quejimenez
comment: "I highly recommend the," by claudia
6 Rigid heddlers 4 years 18 weeks
"Video clip," by LauraFry
comment: "Hi Laura, I am a Mac user and," by claudia
6 The Efficient Weaver 4 years 18 weeks
"Project page loses loom information," by lagomorph
comment: "Thanks, I'll look into this.," by admin
6 4 years 18 weeks
"WAL for Gifts," by Claudia Segal
comment: "That would just as easily be," by Caroline
6 Weave-along (WAL) 4 years 18 weeks
"Fly shuttle," by neweaver
comment: "If you can find Laya," by LauraFry
6 Countermarche And Beyond, Loom repair, maintenance, renovation 2 years 21 weeks
"Sett for 10/2 (USA) / 2/10 (Everywhere Else) Organic Cotton," by Daleweaver
comment: "What weave structure was the gamp?," by tien
6 Weaving 3 years 47 weeks
"Dream weaving," by TinaHilton
comment: "It sounds as though you are ," by MaryMartha
6 Chat! 4 years 18 weeks
"wide pattern, narrow fabric," by Cally
comment: "That will work.  Daryl," by tien
6 Fearless Scissors 4 years 18 weeks
"What are the odds?," by TinaHilton
comment: "Odds," by celtinbirks
6 Weaving 2 years 32 weeks
"CAT PROOF! Texsolv heddle storage," by ZenSojourner
comment: "Genius! I should do something," by pammersw
6 Weaving 8 weeks 5 hours
"Hello, I'm new to weaving and this site. Question about hand-dyed warps and sett.," by WKS84
comment: " Hi, Welcome to," by Alison
6 Weaving 4 years 18 weeks
"Venne organic cotton," by kate.foreman.suko
comment: "I have not ordered from the," by Ellen
6 Weaving 2 years 30 weeks
"Russian Old Believer's weaving," by Chasinmendo
comment: "Cool Link!," by Sally Orgren
6 Bay Area Weavers & Spinners, Small Loom Weaving, Tapestry Weavers, Inkle and Tablet weaving, Las Catrinas, Rug Weavers, Ethnic Styles and Textures 2 years 7 weeks
"Threading reed using multiple threads per slot," by dcannatella
comment: "Did you have a question about," by Erica
6 Weaving 101 2 years 9 weeks
"Woolhouse Tools - Opinions please," by WeaveLoon
comment: "I have not crossed paths with," by chicago looms
6 Weaving 1 year 10 weeks
"frustration with warp," by Thumper70
comment: "Sure, breathe deeply, several," by claudia
6 Rigid heddlers 4 years 18 weeks
"help putting loom together Cambridge 4s 6t," by wendyweaves
comment: "  Wendy, I found this link," by Alison
6 Weaving 2 years 32 weeks
"New to Weavolution and Excited to be here!," by centre_artisans
comment: "I also handle the web site.," by centre_artisans
6 Weaving 4 years 18 weeks
"My new to me loom :O) and where to buy a reed?," by Spara
comment: "additional question," by Spara
6 Chat! 1 year 39 weeks
"What do I do now? Heddles and frame question," by Ellp
comment: "You avoid this situation by," by Sara von Tresckow
6 Weaving 101 3 years 5 weeks
"How to navigate site," by Don G
comment: "Hello Don, The site," by Oli J
6 Macomber Looms 7 weeks 6 days

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