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"methods to add a motif," by 10ashus
Weaving 41 min 26 sec
"Unmercerized cotton linting during warping," by Diane Braun
comment: "natural cotton," by Michael White
1 Weaving 49 min 4 sec
"[Not] a smooth transition to an AVL SDL," by Melody S.
AVL 1 hour 49 min
"Daily Check-In November 2015," by endorph
comment: "Will o' the weft," by Missus T.
93 Daily Weaverliness 1 hour 58 min
"Leclerc portable loom and Kromski rigid heddle," by TheReluctantKnitter
comment: "Leclerc," by dawnrj47
4 For Sale or Trade 2 hours 12 min
"SOLD/Vintage Walker 36" Weaving Width Counterbalance Loom New Price 650," by ldkocher
comment: "New Price," by ldkocher
5 For Sale or Trade 4 hours 8 min
"Glimakra viking jack loom," by Nnienor
Glimakra Loom Owners 6 hours 47 min
"Glimakra viking jack loom," by Nnienor
Glimakra Loom Owners 6 hours 48 min
"Glimakra viking jack loom," by Nnienor
Weaving 6 hours 55 min
"Triangle point ends?," by 10ashus
comment: "One thing to watch for," by theresasc
5 Rigid heddlers 8 hours 18 min
"Changing heddle after warping loom," by marinabondi
Rigid heddlers 8 hours 26 min
"Short dobby peg hack," by joneary
AVL 12 hours 44 min
"New V Series AVL Owner," by Whidbey Weaver
comment: "Congrats on getting your new," by tien
1 AVL 12 hours 54 min
"6/2 Tencel 2450YPP," by ceaderton
comment: "Eagerly waiting for any," by elenapearson
1 Weavolution Help 18 hours 48 min
"Warping F@B with an AVL warping wheel," by Jane Greer
comment: "Warping Wheel," by Bonnie Inouye
1 Weaving 21 hours 23 min
"FS - Professional style tapestry loom - Heathsville VA," by sandi.p
comment: "Who was the maker? How big is it?," by saffrondyeworks
2 For Sale or Trade 1 day 7 hours
"SOLD - AVL 16 shaft production loom for sale, price reduced," by jdejung
comment: "I Am Ready!," by ChristyAnnLuvCan
4 For Sale or Trade 1 day 8 hours
"Wrong jacks/lamms and double friction brakes?," by Bythebook
comment: "Just bumping to see if anyone," by Bythebook
2 Macomber Looms 1 day 22 hours
"Find someone," by Dogmom1957
comment: "A lot," by endorph
1 Weavolution Help 2 days 44 min
"dudley flying shuttle.," by tbdyarns
Weaving 2 days 53 min
"Is this group still active? I live in Maine and am a new weaver. Would love to know who else is out there from Maine!," by [email protected]
comment: "Yes, I think it is active. I," by Don G
3 Maine Weavers 2 days 4 hours
"Need Old Hammett Loom Pieces," by ruthsmcrae
comment: "Hammet Parts," by big white sofa dog
5 Chat! 3 days 2 hours
"FS: 40" Weaving Width, 8 Shaft Macomber With Accessories," by joyofweaving
For Sale or Trade 3 days 4 hours
"FS: Stand for Mountain Table Loom," by ldkocher
For Sale or Trade 3 days 8 hours
"What kind of yarn would you like to see sold in the U.S.?," by Weavin Steven
comment: "I spin most of my yarn myself, but," by mneligh
1 Chat! 3 days 9 hours