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"Daily Check-In July 2015," by endorph
comment: "Bogged down in administrivia," by LauraFry
22 Daily Weaverliness 2 hours 50 min
"Flooring options in weaving room," by dibgar
comment: "Hardwood!," by SallyE
16 Weaving 8 hours 48 min
"For Sale: AVL 60" 12 harness treadle loom SOLD 7-5-15," by Beth S
comment: "SOLD!," by Beth S
1 For Sale or Trade 14 hours 30 min
"Type of wood for ratchet and paul?," by celtinbirks
comment: "Candace," by Michael White
17 Weaving 16 hours 53 min
"Ruana help," by msfelixthecatz
comment: "Ruana Help," by weaver-dyer
2 Gnarly Newbies 18 hours 35 min
"Ashford Rigid Heddle 48" ... What do you think?," by Bluebonnet Weaver
comment: "rigid heddle weaving wide," by Joanne Hall
5 Weaving 19 hours 26 min
"Identify Frame loom," by clauderenaud
comment: "loom," by jenjscott
9 Weaving 22 hours 25 min
"Workshop loom suggestions and advice sought ," by TheReluctantKnitter
comment: "Well, of course you will not," by kerstinfroberg
2 Chat! 23 hours 21 min
"Seek input on materials for rag placemats," by Barbara Moore
comment: "rag placemats," by Patty Lichvar
1 Weaving 1 day 1 hour
"ISO 12.5" Flat Steel Heddles," by KateMuniz
comment: "Received," by KateMuniz
3 For Sale or Trade 1 day 12 hours
"36" Schacht 4-harness, 6-treadle," by marykayejn
For Sale or Trade 1 day 21 hours
"Loom design - Where to place first shaft for best shed ," by Telemorris
comment: "loom depth," by ReedGuy
29 Home Built Equipment 1 day 22 hours
"I'm baaaack! And ready to tromp!," by andsewon
comment: "Rag Rugs," by Don G
8 Macomber Looms 2 days 11 min
"For Sale," by GrammaE
For Sale or Trade 2 days 1 hour
"Bamboo blinds as warp packing material," by Weavin Steven
comment: "packing material," by Joanne Hall
1 Weaving 2 days 2 hours
"Birthday 'sale'," by LauraFry
For Sale or Trade 2 days 12 hours
"Barn Loom - Free - NH," by NH Hillbilly
comment: "I have the space, but I've," by KatharineS
2 For Sale or Trade 2 days 14 hours
"Sold: Ashford Table Loom," by rohdeg
For Sale or Trade 2 days 14 hours
"what color are the walls of your weaving space/studio," by RuleGirl
comment: "Good light and a neutral tone," by Sara von Tresckow
6 Weaving 2 days 15 hours
"Rigid Heddle Doubleweave," by msfelixthecatz
comment: "Guesstimate," by Erica J
3 Weaving 2 days 15 hours
""balancing" an advancing twill," by MaryMartha
comment: "I don't know how, but have," by Cathie Beckman
4 Weaving 2 days 19 hours
"Welcome to the Macomber loom group site," by Michael White
comment: "Thanks," by sewwhatsports
241 Macomber Looms 2 days 20 hours
"Squirrel Cage Swift," by paulz
comment: "I may be wrong, but I have," by Su Butler
11 Weaving 3 days 11 hours
"Problems with UKI yarns ?," by Michael White
Georgia Yarn Company 3 days 21 hours
"Problems with UKI yarns ?," by Michael White
Weaving 3 days 21 hours