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"Electric Bobbin Winder Plans?," by illoominated
comment: "Drill," by McSnygg
18 Home Built Equipment 4 hours 57 min
"Fiber Artist Supply Company," by ZenSojourner
comment: "All their products look to be," by ZenSojourner
6 Weaving 6 hours 58 min
"Drape in Plaited Twills," by Dena
comment: "Not sure if this would help,," by Sara von Tresckow
5 Weaving 7 hours 16 min
"Daily check-in September 2014," by tien
comment: "what good news, Tien!," by Walkingquail
113 Daily Weaverliness 7 hours 25 min
"Course of study for Tapestry?," by sarahnopp
comment: "Hi Sarahnopp,I would," by Cathie Beckman
9 Chat! 8 hours 27 min
"SOLD: Shannock Brass-Tipped Gobelin-Style Bobbins," by conib
For Sale or Trade 11 hours 38 min
"Linen warp chains with no cross," by Karen6
comment: "The weaver's cross is not sacred.," by mneligh
15 Weaving 13 hours 29 sec
"pinning board for twisting fringe," by theresasc
comment: "Holding it with my foot," by Dena
1 That's a good idea - helpful hints, tips and good ideas for weavers 15 hours 57 min
"First tie up," by ZenSojourner
comment: "Post your draft, and perhaps we can help.," by Sally Orgren
7 Weaving 17 hours 23 min
"Welcome to the Macomber loom group site," by Michael White
comment: "Thanks," by sewwhatsports
224 Macomber Looms 20 hours 38 min
"log in changes?," by tommye scanlin
comment: "Same here! When I arrive,," by pammersw
41 Weavolution Help 22 hours 51 min
"gilmakra SOLD," by spring k
comment: "Loom," by Fezl@comcast.net
4 For Sale or Trade 1 day 12 hours
"Great Information," by Patty Lichvar
comment: "link," by kerstinfroberg
2 Weaving literature 1 day 14 hours
"Wanted: Macomber loom," by eileen3d
comment: "Macomber loom," by Michael White
2 For Sale or Trade 1 day 18 hours
"Weaving Fabric," by dwilliston
comment: "I would be looking at 20/2," by LauraFry
4 Weaving 2 days 34 min
"Need loom identification," by Trichard3468
comment: "different views of 4 harness floor loom unknown manufacturer," by Trichard3468
6 Weavolution Help 2 days 2 hours
"pulling at the sides," by Lenore
comment: "You aren't doing anything," by LauraFry
2 Weaving 2 days 3 hours
"Alinement of front and back breast beam to the heddles," by Don G
comment: "Generally speaking...," by Thor
7 Macomber Looms 2 days 7 hours
"Assistance for newcomer!," by Mirella Bratova
comment: "Can you tell us what the," by tien
2 Weaving 2 days 14 hours
"tap, tap... is this thing on? Wrangling membership databases," by ingamarie
Small guilds: surviving in the 21st century 3 days 5 hours
"Brand New- with Questions!," by MorningSunColorWorks
comment: "Built in spool rack!," by SallyE
9 Rug Weavers 3 days 9 hours
"FS: 45 in LeClerc Mira, 4 shaft, 6 treadle, outside Harrisburg, PA," by Aldine
comment: "Is this loom still for sale?," by selliott65
1 For Sale or Trade 3 days 11 hours
"45" Leclerc counter balance Mira Loom," by joegerlach
comment: "Still for sale?," by selliott65
1 For Sale or Trade 3 days 11 hours
"Why do you weave?," by stonetapestry
comment: "I'm an amateur/hobby," by jander14indoor
9 Chat! 3 days 14 hours
"Barbara Miller & Deb Schillo (co-authors of the Frances Goodrich Brown Book) presentation, Sept. 16, 2014, Dahlonega, GA, USA," by tommye scanlin
comment: "I saw them present at the Weaving History Conference in Clayton," by Sally Orgren
2 Weavings in Public 3 days 17 hours