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"Daily Check-in April 2014," by endorph
comment: "If your going to do double," by ReedGuy
133 Daily Weaverliness 2 min 57 sec
"sectional beam warping," by justmekaybee
comment: "What other tools do you have?," by mneligh
2 Macomber Looms, Daily Weaverliness 1 hour 58 min
"Baby Wolf Loom For Sale, Eight Shaft:," by Linda Ihle
comment: "Sold," by Linda Ihle
10 For Sale or Trade 4 hours 28 min
"Traveling Weaverliness," by Erica J
comment: "Finishing work is always," by Cathie Beckman
14 Daily Weaverliness 6 hours 19 min
"Leclerc Fanny 36 in 4 harness for Sale - $800 ," by Meghan B
comment: "Do you have pics? I am very interested.," by Uffda
2 For Sale or Trade 7 hours 2 min
"D.B.Young"Traveloom"," by son of a weaver
Weavolution Help 10 hours 17 min
"How do you test soundness of older yarns?," by Louise L
comment: "I had a similar situation.  ," by justmekaybee
3 Weavolution Help 15 hours 56 min
"Edging Face cloths once off the loom.," by ReedGuy
comment: "Serger," by Missus T.
13 Chat! 17 hours 46 min
"40", 4 Shaft Bexell Cranbrook in SE VT," by Dena
comment: "Woops," by Dena
1 For Sale or Trade 19 hours 50 min
"Dressing the Back of a Lillstina Floor Loom," by Sandy13
comment: "Looks great!," by Jerri S
8 Weaving 22 hours 57 min
"Texsolv Heddles..How Tight is Too Tight?," by JillLeeJones
comment: "Thank You," by JillLeeJones
4 Weaving 23 hours 29 sec
"How to re-beam a warp," by apw1970
comment: "@Yvonne," by apw1970
9 Weaving 1 day 1 hour
"My Corner Of The World - Apr 2014," by francorios
comment: "Italy!," by Sally Orgren
12 Chat! 1 day 4 hours
"For Sale: Authentic 2/16's Worsted Lochcarron Tartan Yarns," by Susan Harvey
For Sale or Trade 1 day 9 hours
"Warping 4 harness loom alone which is easier," by cajamk
comment: "My preference is back to," by LauraFry
2 Weavolution Help 1 day 9 hours
"10 foot Leclerc loom/price reduced AGAIN," by bheath48@gmail.com
comment: "10 foot loom," by bheath48@gmail.com
8 For Sale or Trade 1 day 15 hours
"Macomber looms and Texsolv," by JoAnnaWeaves
comment: "Flat steel heddles," by SallyE
7 Weaving 1 day 16 hours
"Weave type question," by NateM
comment: "Must upload photos from a computer.," by Sally Orgren
52 Weaving 1 day 23 hours
"AVL Looms Folding Cone Rack - 48 Cone Capacity - Back on the list -," by 2crazy4books2
comment: "AvL ," by Mamagoonsquad
3 For Sale or Trade 2 days 40 min
"Restoring a Lillstina Swedish Floor Loom," by Sandy13
comment: "Fabulous! And welcome to weaving," by SallyE
39 Weaving 2 days 1 hour
"LeClerc Tension Box (UK)," by Erica J
comment: "tension box," by Balgarvie weaver
4 For Sale or Trade 2 days 3 hours
"Hello ," by bnsysabeau
comment: "Welcome!," by Erica J
1 SCA Weavers, Pennsylvania Weavers 2 days 3 hours
"20 dent reed for AVL 2nd generation warping wheel," by skreynolds
For Sale or Trade 2 days 3 hours
"12 Yard Cherry Warping Board - 36" Square $105 ," by 2crazy4books2
For Sale or Trade 2 days 9 hours
"Hello!," by Nanette Kinslow
comment: "Welcome to the group," by Raine59
13 Kromski Rigid Heddle Weavers 2 days 14 hours