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"Daily check-in March 2015," by tien
comment: "Out here, I'm weaving sea," by tien
22 Daily Weaverliness 1 hour 37 min
"Glimakra loom help from Glimakra in Montana, USA," by Joanne Hall
comment: "Book / videos on how to warp a Glimakra Victoria ," by matteo
104 Glimakra Loom Owners 5 hours 3 min
"first rag rug," by Lenore
comment: "figure out picks per inch first," by Dena
2 Weaving 17 hours 45 min
"Welcome to the TOIKA and Varpa loom group," by Dawn McCarthy
comment: "dawn thanks for your response," by judi5740
54 TOIKA & VARPA Loom Group 1 day 1 hour
"Eye heddles," by Michael White
comment: "PacNW," by dwilliston
1 Georgia Yarn Company 1 day 9 hours
"Ch. 3 Satin/Sateen discussion," by Erica J
comment: "Erica,," by theresasc
10 Mastering Weave Structures Study Group 1 day 13 hours
"Varpapuu Finlandia countermarch loom, WI," by jcc
comment: "If I hadn't just purchased," by ShawnC
1 For Sale or Trade 1 day 18 hours
"gnarly for sure!," by AudreyO
comment: "Are you beaming under," by ingamarie
6 Gnarly Newbies 1 day 21 hours
"choosing reeds," by Lenore
comment: "What Reeds," by big white sofa dog
5 Weaving 1 day 22 hours
"Arrowmont School of Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN, USA-Summer 2015," by tommye scanlin
comment: "Tommye that's fabulous ! I," by Cathie Beckman
4 Classes and Workshops 1 day 22 hours
"Yarn Source?," by big white sofa dog
comment: "I'd suggest Weavers Bazaar,," by Erica J
2 Weaving 2 days 4 hours
"Harrisville Designs 36'' Loom for Sale," by Tissage
For Sale or Trade 2 days 14 hours
"40" 16 Harness AVL Folding Dobby Loom ," by jemccallister
comment: "Sent you an email this morning....," by spinpygora
3 For Sale or Trade 2 days 17 hours
"Chapter 2 Discussion," by Weavolutionary
comment: "Interleaving Twills," by Weavolutionary
40 Mastering Weave Structures Study Group 2 days 21 hours
"Structo 4-harness table loom," by ebbdime
comment: "Are you willing to ship it to Missouri?," by dcrowder
1 For Sale or Trade 2 days 21 hours
"3 Glimåkra Loom Aprons FOR SALE," by Su Weaver
For Sale or Trade 3 days 13 hours
"Daily Check-In February 2015," by theresasc
comment: "Welcome Fiber," by Weavolutionary
99 Daily Weaverliness 3 days 14 hours
"Deen Looms," by Sally Orgren
comment: "Rug from this morning," by coot
82 Chat! 3 days 19 hours
"threads for altar cloths," by apw1970
comment: "Also: where is a good," by apw1970
19 Ecclesiastical Weaving 3 days 19 hours
"Replacement Part for Older Loom," by 3lue3onnet
comment: "Which part?," by sequel
9 Weaving 3 days 22 hours
"Poppana Yarn," by ShawnC
comment: "Webs/Barbara Elkins," by Missus T.
2 Weaving 4 days 13 hours
"Threading a PDL," by big white sofa dog
comment: "I would take off the beater," by Dawn McCarthy
10 AVL 4 days 16 hours
"winding a warp," by BrendaBoo
comment: "Depends on the loom. Which," by LauraFry
4 Weaving 4 days 18 hours
"Wire connectors/hooks; Peg," by Karen6
comment: "Most of the connectors really," by teddybearha2014
6 Macomber Looms 4 days 21 hours
"Annual Meeting, Renewal Time, and New Artisan Textile Resource Guide," by mn9393v
Weave A Real Peace 4 days 22 hours