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"What are you doing today?," by redrose16
comment: "Drafts," by redrose16
17 Gnarly Newbies 1 hour 7 min
"AVL vs. Weavebird," by Jules W
comment: "Manual dobby looms have," by Sara von Tresckow
1 Chat! 1 hour 37 min
"Building a Rigid heddle loom," by elbrecht
comment: "The hangup, if there is one,," by Sara von Tresckow
1 DIY Looms and Tools 1 hour 44 min
"ISO Macomber Baby Mac," by Sherry Crum
For Sale or Trade 5 hours 37 min
"FS: Schacht 36” Oak Floor loom 8H, 10T in VA," by sandi.p
comment: "I have sent you a private," by sandi.p
3 For Sale or Trade 5 hours 58 min
"Double Weave Collapse," by monarch
comment: "Interesting," by Lovely
4 Collapse weave study group 15 hours 27 min
"It's here! It's here!," by endorph
comment: "That sounds like an," by pammersw
92 Active Arachnids 2014 16 hours 8 min
"Cranbrook loom worm gear," by shuttlepusher
comment: "Hi Jennifer, I don't have a," by pammersw
1 For Sale or Trade 17 hours 22 min
"Weaving help needed! What should I buy?," by ZiggyStardust
Weaving 18 hours 25 min
"Allen looms for sale," by dkpark
comment: "Also Interested," by Deke
3 For Sale or Trade 19 hours 51 min
"DVD WEAVE A GOOD RUG BY TOM KNISELY-," by beyondthefringes
comment: "DVD," by Adele N
4 For Sale or Trade 20 hours 42 min
"Daily check-in October 2014," by endorph
comment: "You won't believe I sprained," by Cathie Beckman
73 Daily Weaverliness 22 hours 31 min
"An idea born of frustration ... looking for ways to implement," by BoyLearner
comment: "I know this thread is old,," by Su Butler
11 Home Built Equipment 23 hours 22 min
"ISO portable tapestry loom," by esawye
comment: "copper loom," by theresasc
2 For Sale or Trade 23 hours 58 min
"Loomcraft 45" 8 shaft/10 treadle Jack Loom," by thistle rose weaving
For Sale or Trade 1 day 6 min
"Leclerc 45" counterbalance loom with bench and four reeds ," by gibby731
For Sale or Trade 1 day 1 hour
"Loom ID-," by elbrecht
comment: "If you were going to build," by sarahnopp
8 Weavolution Help 1 day 2 hours
"A Weaverly Path, film about Silvia Heyden," by tommye scanlin
Weavings in Public 1 day 2 hours
"Alpaca Yarn problems," by dford
Weavolution Help 1 day 3 hours
"using energized yarns in warp," by awoventhought
comment: "Have you considered painting," by Guiding Myth
4 Weaving 1 day 15 hours
"Help!?," by Bagel3000
Kyra Loom Owners 1 day 17 hours
"Loom ID-," by elbrecht
Weavolution Help 1 day 17 hours
"PRISTINE DORSET Loom by FC Wood!," by greenspringcabin
For Sale or Trade 1 day 20 hours
"Shead uneven and bench hight advice needed," by Don G
comment: "Ok, how should they be?," by Don G
18 Macomber Looms 1 day 21 hours
"Some 3-D doodlings," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "the fourth idea above," by kerstinfroberg
6 Mad Scientists 1 day 23 hours

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