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"New to weaving and have a few questions," by zfletcher201
comment: "another question while im at it," by zfletcher201
6 Weaving 7 hours 27 min
"Online Meetup!," by Erica J
comment: "Discussions," by admin
2 Mastering Weave Structures Study Group 10 hours 24 min
"MWS Chapter 5: the distorted grid," by Queezle
comment: "Happy Warping," by Erica J
4 Mastering Weave Structures Study Group 17 hours 53 min
"Daily Check-in May 2015," by endorph
comment: "Second shawl," by LauraFry
8 Daily Weaverliness 18 hours 6 min
"Daily Check-in April 2015," by endorph
comment: "April 1st, woke up to snow. (No kidding!)," by Sally Orgren
140 Daily Weaverliness 18 hours 8 min
"59" Glimakra Standard for sale," by ALittlebird
For Sale or Trade 1 day 4 hours
""weft-woven (or dog-tooth)"," by kerstinfroberg
comment: "This sounds truly like one of," by Sara von Tresckow
2 Textile Terminology 1 day 15 hours
"Question about shafts - 1st time using a CM," by SusanM
comment: "As long as the first four," by Sara von Tresckow
2 TOIKA & VARPA Loom Group 1 day 16 hours
"Best tapestry loom for beginning weaver in Scandinavian tradition," by Anna Bendiksen
comment: "tapestry loom options," by tommye scanlin
7 Tapestry Weavers 1 day 16 hours
"Class requests?," by Erica J
Improving Weavolution 1 day 19 hours
"Building a Rigid heddle loom," by elbrecht
comment: "Parts ," by big white sofa dog
18 DIY Looms and Tools 1 day 20 hours
"Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2015," by Sally Orgren
comment: "The catalog arrived last week!," by Sally Orgren
9 Maryland Sheep & Wool Equipment Auction 1 day 21 hours
"New Draft Collection at Handweaving.net," by kbruland
comment: "Thanks for all you do on," by rosearbor
3 Weavolution News and Announcements 2 days 11 hours
"Countermarch loom decision," by sherryk5064
comment: "All three are excellent for," by Sara von Tresckow
3 Weaving 3 days 7 hours
"FS: Leclerc Meco Table Loom with Treadle Stand," by aznetters
For Sale or Trade 3 days 15 hours
"changing to texsolv tie up," by Rena
comment: "Change to Texsolv," by big white sofa dog
9 Countermarche And Beyond 3 days 20 hours
"Twill question," by valca85
comment: "Twill Tie up," by big white sofa dog
2 Weaving 4 days 14 hours
"FS Gilmore 40 inch, 8 shaft SOLD," by Michael White
comment: "Gilmore restoration," by Mary Kate
4 For Sale or Trade 4 days 18 hours
"FS Metal Compact Spool Rack $50," by Dawn McCarthy
For Sale or Trade 4 days 23 hours
"Schacht Low Castle Baby Wolf Loom for sale," by timeweaver
For Sale or Trade 5 days 1 hour
"Warped beater?," by lfurrer
comment: "Warped beater," by Xylem
1 Macomber Looms 5 days 1 hour
"AVL EFS identify help and advice needed," by kajs
comment: "This looks like an older AVL," by Dawn McCarthy
11 Weaving 5 days 8 hours
"SOLD! Thank you. Natural Finish Glimakra Countermarch Julia Loom 8S 8T," by dwilliston
comment: "SOLD," by dwilliston
1 For Sale or Trade 5 days 9 hours
"SOLD! Thank you. Glimakra Julia 8 shaft 8 treadle loom," by dwilliston
comment: "What is a "thick beaming," by ZenSojourner
5 For Sale or Trade 5 days 9 hours
"Changing warp threads in existing warp on the loom," by crosstownshuttler
comment: "Depending on how you repair," by Del
3 Weaving 5 days 12 hours