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"100 meter skein," by Erica J
In the Spin 7 min 26 sec
"Time To Cast Those Tapestry Spells- Halloweave!," by Cathie Beckman
comment: "Thereasc, WOW, you've been," by Cathie Beckman
49 Daily Spells 2015 41 min 33 sec
"New to weaving and have a few questions," by zfletcher201
comment: "Hi All,This is my first post," by KalleMP
20 Weaving 1 hour 44 min
"Woolen spun in weaving," by Erica J
comment: "Woollen yarns make a nice," by LauraFry
4 In the Spin 3 hours 30 min
"It's here!," by endorph
comment: "Day 7," by [email protected]
61 Active Arachnids 2015 12 hours 20 min
"Value of Jacquard handloom?," by KalleMP
comment: "Your thinking about," by Sara von Tresckow
1 Chat! 20 hours 18 min
"AVL 16 shaft production loom for sale," by jdejung
comment: "AVL," by jdejung
2 For Sale or Trade 23 hours 34 min
"FS: Weaving Books Located Northern Neck of Va.," by Rural Weaver
For Sale or Trade 1 day 6 min
"AVL Compudobby III Folding loom # O 02620," by Peg A
comment: "AVL," by big white sofa dog
3 For Sale or Trade 1 day 1 hour
"empty yarn cones," by mjp362
comment: "PM me -- I have a bunch," by mneligh
1 Weavolution Help 1 day 3 hours
"Daily Check-in October 2015," by endorph
comment: "productive weekend," by Sally Orgren
24 Daily Weaverliness 1 day 3 hours
"ISO: Woolhouse Margaret 24 shaft table loom," by Taylor's gram
For Sale or Trade 1 day 4 hours
"Sectional beam for a Bergman - HELP!," by SillyDogsThree
comment: "Sectional beam," by Joanne Hall
3 Weaving 1 day 5 hours
"Pictures of Bergman looms," by sarahnopp
comment: "Bergman loom," by jwms
34 Bergman Looms 1 day 6 hours
"Hello friends! What are you going to craft/build for HalloWeave?," by Oli J
comment: "Cool holsters," by Mutz
17 Thor’s House 2015 1 day 13 hours
"ISO 4 H. Table loom. ," by tennisgurl1
comment: "Toika 8 shaft table loom available," by Eileen Crawford
8 For Sale or Trade 1 day 15 hours
"Where to buy reeds?," by Hearthsidehills
comment: "Where to buy reeds/Gowdy," by Hearthsidehills
4 Macomber Looms 1 day 18 hours
"Design Brief/Challenge," by Erica J
comment: "As far as I know, that would," by Erica J
6 Designhaus 2015 1 day 20 hours
"place for collecting great ideas?," by alene
comment: "Was this in a comment? If so," by Erica J
1 Improving Weavolution 1 day 23 hours
"8' Rug Loom for sale," by Heather Brummer
For Sale or Trade 2 days 11 hours
"Reed has slight curve to it, is this ok?," by Mutz
comment: "I thought it was too sturdy to bend...," by Mutz
5 Weaving 101 2 days 12 hours
"huck or other lace pattern on 4 shaft table loom (no treadles)," by yarncrazy
comment: "On a table loom, you'll use a," by Sara von Tresckow
4 Weaving 2 days 14 hours
"New Loom advice," by tanze26
comment: "Loom Choice," by big white sofa dog
4 Weaving 2 days 14 hours
"Overspun yarn and weaving," by Erica J
comment: "Tension is your friend.," by LauraFry
1 In the Spin 2 days 19 hours
"Spinzilla Discussion," by Erica J
comment: "Oh that sounds wonderful to," by Nakia
8 In the Spin 2 days 20 hours