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"Glimakra loom help from Glimakra in Montana, USA," by Joanne Hall
comment: "Book / videos on how to warp a Glimakra Victoria ," by matteo
84 Glimakra Loom Owners 43 min 20 sec
"Schacht Combby Loom," by loomroomcat
comment: "Contact John Acord at," by Sara von Tresckow
1 Weaving 4 hours 3 min
"what is loom weaving wards?," by terrieO
comment: "Maybe they meant to say," by Patty Lichvar
18 Chat! 9 hours 53 min
"PRISTINE DORSET Loom by FC Wood!," by greenspringcabin
comment: "More details please," by mariechapman819
4 For Sale or Trade 9 hours 54 min
"Leclerc Nilus 8 Harness - Cape Cod ," by clfo
For Sale or Trade 10 hours 5 min
"Rep on AVL PDL," by big white sofa dog
comment: "AVL for Rep Rugs," by abarry
14 AVL 10 hours 21 min
"...how to sew strips together, kente-style?," by Deke
comment: "One technique is to take the," by Sara von Tresckow
13 Weaving 18 hours 41 min
"Glimakra Warping Mill/Reel," by David95436
comment: "warping reel," by geri518
2 For Sale or Trade 1 day 11 hours
"Daily Check-in December 2014," by endorph
comment: "I am bored with ," by theresasc
55 Daily Weaverliness 1 day 11 hours
"New Season of Fiber Toys starts on Friday, October 3, 2014!," by The WooleryGuy
comment: "Fiber Toy #11," by The WooleryGuy
15 The Woolery 1 day 12 hours
"J L Hammet loom," by terrieO
comment: "Yes," by sequel
1 Weaving 1 day 14 hours
"Spinning Wheels for Sale," by woolwench@msn.com
For Sale or Trade 2 days 8 hours
"Silk scarf project," by NancyS
comment: "30 epi ," by Michael White
19 Weaving 2 days 9 hours
"Christmas gift gone wrong!," by Mcbeal
Weaving 2 days 10 hours
"rigid heddle loom," by AudreyO
comment: "As many as you have warp," by pammersw
14 Gnarly Newbies 2 days 12 hours
"shuttles, electric winder and bench wanted Central Texas," by arctic mermaid
comment: "some items found," by arctic mermaid
2 For Sale or Trade 2 days 18 hours
"tie-up & treadling countermarch loom," by Lenore
comment: "Black boxes sink, white rise.," by ReedGuy
5 Weaving 3 days 3 hours
"sectional warp beam on a Weavers Delight," by Milepost
Rag rug weaving 3 days 7 hours
"Hemstitching vs. fringe or + fringe," by JeanOCuilinn
comment: "Careful snug hemstitching," by pammersw
4 Weaving 3 days 11 hours
"Does anyone know of a good shuttle loom repair technician around the east coast (I'm in PA)?," by DJRoyal5
comment: "Loom or shuttle repair," by sequel
1 Weaving 3 days 16 hours
"question about back to front warping," by Cynthia
comment: " 1. Warp threads are only," by Sara von Tresckow
25 Weaving 3 days 23 hours
"Child's Chilkat Blanket Photos - Help," by Dakota
comment: "2014 Travels? ," by Dakota
2 A Traveling Weavers' Guild 4 days 4 hours
"personalized labels," by SallyE
comment: "Woven labels," by Slipstream
27 Weaving 4 days 4 hours
"Help with Extended Divided Twill," by kate.foreman.suko
comment: "First, I should say that I," by kerstinfroberg
3 Weaving 4 days 12 hours
"Oops! Messed up my fringe," by pammersw
comment: "I would start by cutting it," by endorph
9 Weaving 4 days 12 hours