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Weaving kits

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I would like some basic information about weaving kits, how to read the sales descriptions and what to expect if I order one.  For example, if the kit says "pre-wound warp", then what comes is the warp yarn already measured, with choke ties and chained?  If it doesn't say "pre-wound warp" then what comes is sufficient yarn for warp and weft, but that's all.  Some kits say they include a draft, which makes me think the others don't.

Anything else a beginning weaver should understand before they buy?

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Hi, a pre-measured warp is

Hi, a pre-measured warp is just that - someone has worked out how much yarn you need for, say a scarf of a certain size, using a certain pattern, and organised it so  you have enough yarn to warp up your loom .  No calculations are necessary, beyond working out if you can use that size warp on your loom at the recommended sett. It may come with chained with choke ties, etc, but it will say so in the info. You may also need to add your own weft, but read carefully and ask questions before you buy. A good example of this type of prepared kit is here, from Lotsaknots:


Other kits come with the yarn still on the cone, like the ones at Halcyon Yarn , where you get the pattern and enough yarn to finish the project. Again, you may need to provide your own weft, but the info should say.


Both these businesses support Weavolution, and the people behind them are friendly and helpful, and I'm sure will not mind you asking questions. There are also a few other weaving stores that specialise in warps, usually for a multishaft loom,  using designer yarn combinations in various colourways. Again, you need to read carefully exactly what is included, and ask questions of the vendor if unsure of anything. Some are chained and some are still on the cone or in a skein. The common denominator is that someone has worked out how far this yarn will go if used as recommended.

The kits are good value for money: they save time, and are cost effective, as you do not end up with a lot of yarn you may not use again. It also gives you a chance to try a new technique or colourway without any hassles.

NAYY, but I regularly buy other items from Halcyon Yarn ( I'm in Australia) and have found them very easy to deal with. I don't buy yarn on mail order purely because of International postage costs, otherwise I would be using these kits to try out all the fabulous yarns and colour choices we do not get over here!

Hope this helps!

cheers, Caroline

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Hi Mary Martha, I sell

Hi Mary Martha,

I sell weaving kits and all my kits have pre-wound warps.  The Yarn Barn, the Woolery and some other shops sell them.  There are not many kits that have pre-wound warps and yes those usually just include the tubes, skeins or cones of yarns and in most cases a page or two of instructions.

Some kits will tell you that there will be some threads left over.  Pre-wound kits give you color without having to purchase a whole tube of that color, so they can actually be less expensive then purchasing all the colors needed.  Plus, you have a perfectly wound warp.

I include all the weft needed plus for the towel kits, a quill of each of the colors in the warp so that you can use the colors for hems or some weft stripes.  My kits have approx four pages of instructions.  You can see them at:





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That sounds really good

That sounds really good value! And it allows for a little bit of flexibility as well!

How I wish I was not an ocean and half a continent away, but then perhaps its better for my wallet that I am, lol! I'm off to do some window shopping and drool at your eye-candy! The way the Aussie dollar is going that is all I can afford to do, unfortunately.