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What do I do now? Heddles and frame question

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Hi all,

I just got my first floor loom and I'm a beginner weaver. 

I bought a new-to-me 36" Harrisville 4H/4T, and was half-way threading my first warp (for a waffle pattern) on it till I suddenly realized that the heddles are hung on a metal bar that has a hook in the midddle.  (The same goes for the metal bar below the heddles).  I'm not able to move my metal heddles from one side of the harness, if I need them, to the other without taking the bars out of the frame. 

How do I get arround this hook?  TIA!


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You avoid this situation by

You avoid this situation by moving the heddles before threading so that there are enough on each side. The bar will release and allow you to move them across the center, though it is more difficult once you begin threading.

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It sounds like you have

It sounds like you have spring loaded clips [like on a Leclerc jack loom] that hold the heddle bars. I have unclipped and moved mine several times before AND after threading heddles. I hope to gain the experience Sara has to know where my heddles should be in relation to the yarn I have rolled up on the sectional warp beam.

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heddle shifting

If you slide the heddles as far away from the clips as possible it will be easier to flex the bar out of the clip. 

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Before threading any project,

Before threading any project, it is really necessary to check the number of heddles needed on each shaft, divide in the mcenter and make sure that you have that number of heddles (pluss a couple for possible miscalculations) sitting where you need them.

Many drafts that are not straight draw have uneven heddle distribution - most weaving software has some type of analysis tool to help you with the heddle count.

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How to figure where those heddles go?

Figuring out which side the heddles go, r1mein54, can easily be done when you are making your heddle count for your entire project.  Say you need 410 threads for your entire scarf and you know how many heddles are needed per harness for that scarf... Then you put 205 on one side (distributed by shaft requirement) on one side and 205 heddles on the other side (in that same distribution).  I do this mainly to distribute heddles (both empty and full) evenly on each side of my shafts.  You don't have to be exact, as you can finely adjust the heddle distribution once you are threaded and before winding on.

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It is even nicer when you

It is even nicer when you don't thread the heddles first and do the distribution and pre-threading with the warp firmly wound on the center of the warp beam.

Another reason not to thread from the front of the loom first.