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8/2 cotton and 8 dent reed not working

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Ok, so I just warped my Baby Wolf for the first time. I was going to make placemats. I am a brand new weaver BTW, so I'm not sure of what I'm talking about but I'll try: I thought the reed was a 10 dent, but it turns out it is an 8 dent. When I weave with 8/2 cotton it is totally a weft based fabric and you can't see the different colors I have in the warp. I now get that the reed should have had more dents to get a balanced fabric, but it's too late. So now what, do I just cut the 16 " x 6 ft warp off or do you have some suggestions on what I might make out of what I have? Guess the placemats will be next time, when I find a 10 or 12 dent reed, the wolf is borrowed and has no extras.

Any suggestions as to what to do with that warp?


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You can resley the reed to

You can resley the reed to have a denser sett if that is what you want.  When I use 8/2 cotton for household items, for plain weave, I have it set at 20 or higher.  IF you go to the Resources section here on Weavolution you will see a Reed Substitution chart. You use that to determine how to sley the reed for the sett you want. It is almost insignificant what size reed you have. The important part is how you want the fabric to drape and what sett you need to achieve that goal. Are you doing plain weave or twill? Do you have enough warp to do a couple samples at different setts and see what you prefer?

So, start by going here and look across the top of the chart at the reed size #8 and scroll for a sett of 20 ends per inch you would sley your reed 2-3 which means 2 ends in the first slot of the reed then 3 ends in the adjacent slot and do that across the width of the project.  Weave for 6" and cut the sample off the loom in front of the reed and make certain you secure your ends as you cut so you can continue to weave using that sett if you like it.  Wash/finish the sample as you plan to wet finish the entire project and dry it. Then examine it and see if it's what you want or expect.

How does this sound to you?


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HI AnneLena, You can

HI AnneLena,

You can certainly resley the reed as Claudia suggests, but you might end up with pretty narrow placemats if you do....<g>...instead, try bunding your weft yarns or weave with rags as weft - increase the weft size substantially and continue weaving.....you will get the pattern you threaded, just a different weight fabric.  If you use rags or large weft bundles, you could still use them as placemats, have a nice thick texture that would protect table tops from heat and abuse and end up with a great project, even if it was not the one you planned.....<g>.

Su :-)

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Oh wow, I just learned a

Oh wow, I just learned a bunch of new things. This sounds good and I'll sley at 2-3. None of the books I have told me you can do that.  I don't have any rags at the moment :-(. Thank you so much for your replies.



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Hi AnneLena, Try doubling the

Hi AnneLena,

Try doubling the 8/2 for the weft.  It will give you a thicker placemat, but that might be a good weight.  You can weave with the weft singly for the hems.  And perhaps you are beating too hard.  Use a lighter beat on the hems.


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