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Project Turquoise Bag for Me! kendrick43 2 11/04/2012
Group Post Wow! That month went fast! endorph 4 The Active Arachnids 11/04/2012
Group Post Valkyrie, Norms, and weaving. Chasinmendo 6 Bay Area Weavers & Spinners, Small Loom Weaving, Inkle and Tablet weaving, Dobby looms, In the Spin, eTextiles, Weaving to Sell, Las Catrinas, Textile Terminology, Ethnic Styles and Textures 11/04/2012
Project "Skewed" 8 shaft Waffle Weave Susan Harvey 6 11/04/2012
Forum post Craft fair season LauraFry 1 11/04/2012
Loom Baby Wolf SeattleSuze 11/04/2012
Loom Nilus SeattleSuze 11/04/2012
Loom Harp SeattleSuze 11/04/2012
Project Kindergarten Scarf Pp rstovin 3 11/05/2012
Group Post Softening "scratchy" lambswool? Mike 5 Weaving 101 11/05/2012
Project More rugs Dorian 11/05/2012
Project Twill rug Dorian 11/05/2012
Project Twill rug Dorian 11/05/2012
Project Weighted warp set up Dorian 11/05/2012
Group Post UKI discontinued yarn inventory as of 11/05/12 Michael White Georgia Yarn Company 11/05/2012
Loom Ad-A-Harness SusieTaylor 11/05/2012
Group Post Warping Instructions: Back to Front LouFrench 1 Weaving 101 11/05/2012
Project Kindergarten Scarf Qq rstovin 1 11/05/2012
Forum post Judith MacKenzie LauraFry 7 11/06/2012
Forum post Novice needs help mela12 13 11/06/2012
Forum post winding a random mulit color warp nancyjpwilson 16 11/06/2012
Project Double weave table runner ilovefiber 4 11/06/2012
Project Twill rug Dorian 1 11/06/2012
Project The Joker's Henchman rstovin 11/06/2012
Group Post Large Vintage Table Loom - needs love, help :) OspreyWife 3 New for us (but old) loom and tips about rennovations 11/07/2012