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Varpapuu Finlandia - what do I really have?

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I purchased a Varpapuu Finlandia advertised as a 16 harness.  The previous owner had only used it as a 4 harness and I have warped and used it as a 4 harness. It came with a pile of pieces parts (including a second warp beam.  As best I can tell it doesn't fit on this loom).  I'm fairly certain I have parts of more than one loom.  After sorting out all the pieces and fabricating some duplicate pieces, I have harnesses, jacks and treadles for a 16 harness set up, I think. (To this point my experience has only been with jack looms.) It all fits nicely on the loom.

There is just room for 12 treadles.  But there are 16 holes in the treadles.  The lamms have 12 holes (not including the one to tie to the harness).  It can easily accommodate 16 jacks.

Do I have a 12 harness or a 16 harness?  Should the lamms and treadles have the same number of holes?


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When a 16 shaft loom is made, the treadles are thinner and the holes in the lamms are closer together.  This company may make the same size parts for a 12 shaft loom as the 16 shaft loom.  And so the treadles would always have 16 holes.  Even if you purchase a 12 shaft, the loom can have shafts added and then the treadles will accommodate them.

Warp the loom for an 8 shaft weave and just put the parts that you need on the loom.  You can then skip some of the treadles so that they are spaced out a little.  This will help you to get to know the loom better before you try more shafts.  You need to accomplish 8 shaft weaving before going on to 12.


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Thank you Joanne.  What you say makes sense.  I'll try 8 before 12.


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I am sure to be asking a lot of questions soon

I have finished picking up a 8T 8H finlandia

this is my first real loom  and it is in pieces  with my yarn  nesteled up to my first spinning wheel( it too was not a beginers project it has a 30 inch drive wheel)

the person who sold it to me assured me I can do it

unfortunately it will ahve to wait till after daughters wedding in 4 weeks  as I am crazy busy right now