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Anyone participating in the Weaverville 'celebrations'?  Too far for me to get to, unfortunately.



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Which Weaverville?

Some time back Robyn Spady mentioned that Weaverville, CA and Weaverville, NC were planning a joint celebration this fall. There was mention of some way to use the internet to allow those of us distant from both towns to join in. I tried to reach the organizers but haven't heard anything more. Anyone know?


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Joined: 05/25/2009
I received a brief message

I received a brief message from Robyn that things were going ahead but also have not heard much more about it.  I'm on the west coast (ish) so the CA one would be closest but still too far away for me to be there in person.



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I went out to the website and

I went out to the website and there are no details. It still says they are coming soon. Hmmm....The NC site is only an hour and a half from me so that is certainly doable.

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